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RESTAURANTS  (Barra de Navidad)

BARRA is well know for it's wide range of eating establishments.  They range from fine restaurant dining to Street-Side Eateries.  Some places are seasonal and new ones often appear on short notice.  Be sure to visit the lagoon-side restaurants at Colimilla (La Culebra).

Alondra   Al Pazon   Amanda's   Ambar del Mar   Bananas   Barra Mia   Bésame Mucho   Cafe Barra   Cafe Sol  Desayunos Luz  D'pasadita   Dragon Azul   Elefante Rosa   El Bagual   El Horno Francais   El Lago Azul   El Manglito   Fortino's  II   Freedom   Friends Sushi   Gaby   Hector's   Isadoras   Italiana   Jandos   Karely  La Casa Mia  La Casa Abuela  La Magnifica  La Red de Ramses  Laguna Sushi  Latitud19  Loco Loco  Marlenas   Mokeke   Nachos   Nonsolopizza   Pancho   Paty   Piña   Pipi   Popeye's   Puerta del Sol   Ramón   Sea Master   Simonas   Solaris   Sonrisa   Sunset   Velero's   Villano


 Alondra del Mar Restaurant Alondra del Mar Restaurant
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.?
Tel: (315).355
Open? Inside seating for ? persons.
Located upstairs in the Alondra Hotel.


TACOS Y TORTAS - AL PAZON Tacos y Tortas "Al Pazon"
Avenida Veracruz No.208
Specialty: Breakfasts, Tortas, Baguette Sándwiches, Hamburgers, Chiles Rellenos.
Dueña: Jackie  Sorry, no telephone.
Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


 Amanda's Restaurant Amanda's Restaurant
Calle Miguel Lopez de Legazpi No.259
Happy hour:  Counter Photo
Seating for 40+ persons.  Closed Wednesdays.
Located inside Hotel Bogavante "Club de Playa".

AMBAR DEL MAR  355.8169

Restaurant Ambar del Mar Restaurant Ambar del Mar
Avenida Lopez de Legaspi No.?
Propietaria: Veronique
Specialty: Italian & French Menus.
Located across from the central park.
Open all year.
Reservations: (315).355.8169     Menu  Menu1   Menu2

BANANAS  355.5554

 BANANAS BEACHSIDE RESTAURANT Bananas Restaurant    (Since 1983)
Avenida López de Legazpi No.250
Propietarios: Kriss Poulson & Maria.
Tel: (315).355.5554  Ocean View  Sunset View
Specialty: Chicken Poblano, seafood & pasta recipes.
Open for breakfast 8am-12noon & dinners 6pm-10pm.
Located upstairs in Hotel Barra de Navidad.


 Barra Mia Snack Bar - Barra de Navidad Barra Mia Snack Bar
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.54
Dueño: Alice? Cocinera: Maria Guadalupe?
Cel: (315).105.0999?
Specialty: Micheladas
Open:? Inside & outside seating for 50+ persons.
Located at the corner of Calle Yucatan.

BESAME MUCHO  355.5315

 Bésame Mucho Restaurant & Bar - Barra de Navidad Bésame Mucho Restaurant & Bar
Calle Jalisco No.13-B
Dueña: Christina
Reservations: Tel: (315).355.5315  Cel: (315).100.9362
Open 5pm - 11pm Thursday - Tuesday for dinner.
Closed Wednesdays.  Live music on Tuesdays in season.
Inside & outside seating for 30+ persons.
Located next to the church.

CAFE BARRA  104.9674

  Cafe Barra Bakery & Deli
Calle Mazatlan No.120
Dueño: Shyam Amscl 
Cel: (315).104.9674
Specialty: Pastries, deli cheese & meats.
Open 8am - 1pm Wednesday to Sunday.
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays.
Located 1/2 block South from Hotel Posada Pacifico.


 CAFE SOL Cafe Sol 
Calle Yucatan No.13
Specialties: Desayunos - Tortas especiales, gourmet tortas
Onica maquina de express, grilled dinners.
Located downtown halfway between the laguna and playa.
Open daily 9am - 11pm.
Live Music 8-10pm weekends.


 Desayunos Luz Restaurant - Barra de Navidad Restaurant Desayunos Luz
Calle Mazatlan No.102
Dueña: Luz
Specialty: Méxican Breakfasts, omelette, tacos de barbacoa.
Open daily 7am - 2pm for breakfast and lunch.
Inside & outside seating for 30+ persons.
Located at the corner of Calle Guanajuato.

D'PASADITA  102.0365

 Restaurant D'Pasadita Restaurant D'Pasadita                                    (Since 2005)
Calle Sinaloa No.18-D
Propietario: José Guadalupe Alvarez Rubio
Cel: 044.315.102.0365
Specialty: Huevos de Pasadita
Open for breakfasts 8:00am-2pm.  Closed Wednesday.
Inside and outside seating for 25+ persons.
Located between Avenida Veracruz and Mazatlan.

EL DRAGON AZUL  355.8664

 EL DRAGON AZUL - CHINESE FOOD Restaurant "El Dragon Azul"     ¡Abierto todo el año!
Avenida Veracruz No. 208     Comida China y Cantonesa
Specialty: Camarones del General Tsao, Chow Mein Frito.
Propietario: Rosendo Fuentes    Menu
Tel: (315).355.8664  Open year round.  Seating for 14 people.
Home delivery, and they take phone orders for pickup.
Open 11:00-16:00 & 18:30-21:30.  Closed Tuesdays.


 Elefante Rosa Restaurant - Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico Elefante Rosa Restaurant
Calle Yucatán No.13
Dueña: Olga Kluivers
Tel: (315).355.0131
Specialty: Oriental stir-fry, Peppercrust sailfish.
Open daily 4:00pm - 10:00pm.  Closed Sunday.
Deck and palapa seating for 35+ persons.
Located between Rest Seamaster and Rest Isadores.

EL BAGUAL  355.0173

 Photo Unavailable El Bagual Restaurant-Bar
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.151
Dueño: Fco. Javier Meza R.  Cocinar: Cesar Languren
Tel: (315).355.0173
Specialty: Rollo de Dorado con Salsa Bechamel.
Open daily 1pm - 11pm.  Inside & outside seating for 50+ persons.
Located on the lagoon beside Restaurant Ramón's.


 EL HORNO FRANCAIS - THE FRENCH OVEN El Horno Frances  (the French oven)               (Since 2001)
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.125
French breakfast and pastries baked fresh every day.
Propietarios: Christina Y Enrique Fiegen
Tel: (315).355.0050, Cel: 315.104.4265
Specialty: Panini & sandwich baguette, ham & cheese croissant.
Open Daily 7am-10pm, Wed 7am-3pm.
Located across the street from Hotel Alondra.
MENU Front  Breakfasts  Desserts  Lunches  Beverages


 EL LAGO AZUL El Lago Azul Restaurant Bar                (Since Jan/2016)
Dueños: ?  Tel: (315).355.????
Specialty: Seafood and meat Antojitos (snacks).
Open days/times:?   Seating for ? persons.
Occasional live music.
Located in colonial San Felipe.

EL MANGLITO  355.8128

 RESTAURANT EL MANGLITO  El Manglito Restaurant Bar                          (Since 1950)
Avenida Veracruz No.17
Specialty: Camarones Manglito (cooked with white wine).
Propietarios: Juan Manuel López Cortez y Norma
Tel: (315).355.8128  Open 8am-11pm.  Seats 100+ persons.
Popular with sailboat cruisers.  Inside Mural Photo
Live Music on Sundays.  Home delivery available.
Located on the lagoon next door to Restaurant Bay Alcatraz.

FORTINO'S II  355.6253

 FORTINO'S II RESTAURANT Restaurant Fortino's  II  (12 year family business)
Calle Michoacán No.60
Dueña: Ma. Elena Ayvar Castro.
Tel: (315).355.6253
Specialty: Sea food Méxican and ecomomico food.
Open daily 9am - 6pm.  Comida Corida 1pm - 6pm.
Located across from Frutería Ixtapa.

FREEDOM  355.0030

FREEDOM RESTAURANT BAR - Barra de Navidad  Freedom Restaurant Bar (Don Pedros)
Calle Jalisco No.?
Propietarios: Nena y Pedro
Tel: (315).355.0030

Specialty: Tortilla soup, fajitas.
Open daily 9am-10pm.
Inside and outside seating for 40+ persons.

Located beside Bésame Mucho Restaurant.

FRIENDS SUSHI  **New Location**

 Friends Sushi Friends Sushi
Avenida Veracruz No.?
Dueños:?  Tel: (315).355.8285
Specialty: Sushi
Open Wednesday - Monday 1pm-11pm. Closed Tuesday.
Seating for ? persons.
Located beside the Kiosko store.


 Photo Unavailable Restaurant Gaby
Avenida Veracruz No.7
Dueña: Gabriela Corona Selestino
Cel: (315).109.9886
Specialty: Méxican Tacos y Lunches
Open daily 6am - 5pm.  Seating for 25+ persons.
Located on the lagoon beside Alcatraz Bay.

HECTOR'S  354.5417

 HECTOR'S Q'CORNER BAR & GRILL Hector's Q'Corner Bar & Grill
Calle Michoacan No.132
Dueños: Hector Garcia Loza y Elizabeth Orozco.
Tel: (315).355.8001  Cel: (315).354.5417
Specialty: Pastry Empanada, Sandwiches & Snacks.
Open daily 12pm - 8pm.  Bar Photo
Inside & outside seating for 30+ persons.
Located on the corner of Av. Mazatlán.

ISADORA'S  355.8520


Isadora's Restaurant Bar
Calle Yucatan No.47
Dueña: Jan H. Sweyer
Tel: (315).355.8520

Specialty: American style Seafood and Steaks
Palapa restaurant located on the Barra Lagoon.
Open at 6pm every day after December 1st.

ITALIANA  355.8197

 BAR CAFFETTERIA ITALIANA Bar Caffetteria Italiana
Avenida Lopez de Legaspi No.?
Dueños: Eros and Flavia
Tel: (315).355.8197
Specialty: Cappuccino, frozen yogurt/chocolate, Italian happy hour, sandwiches and bagels  Inside Photo
Open daily 7:30am - 11:00pm.  Seating for 20+ persons.
Located on the corner of hotel Alondra.


Jandos Restaurant Restaurant Jandos
Calle Morelos No.19
Dueño: Allen
Tel: (315).355.5068
Specialty: Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine & Omelets.
Open for Breakfasts & Lunch 8am - 2pm
Fresh ground coffee to go.
Located upstairs at Hotel Delfin, opposite Hotel Sands.

KARELY  100.8683

CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO Pasteleria & Pizzeria Karely  (Panaderia)
Avenida Lopez de Legaspi No.16
Dueño: Jorge Alberto Guerrero Barboza
Cel: 315.100.1527 y 315.100.8683 y 315,105.7825

Specialty: Pasteles, Bocadillos y Pizzas.
Open 8am-10pm daily.  Closed Mondays.
Outside seating for 8+ persons.
Located on the side of hotel Alondra.


 Senor Froy's La Casa Mia - Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico La Casa Mia Restaurant                                 (Since 2016)
Calle Filipinas No.66
Dueño: Froy Velázquez
Tel: (315).109.4740
Specialty: Señor Froy's Chicken/Fish  Arracherra brocheta
Seating: Inside 60, Outside 12.  Bar photo  Kitchen Staff
Open 11:00am till 10:00pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday.
Located 1.5 blocks past the oxo.


 LA CASA DE ME ABUELA La Casa De Mi Abuela (Rock Cafe) WiFi    
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.150
Dueños: Fam. Ledesma Rios
Tel: (315).355.5401
Specialty: BBQ Ribs, Chicken Wings.
Open Tuesday - Sunday 8am - 5pm.  Closed Mondays.
Located at the corner of Calle Sonora.


La Magnifica Restaurant - Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico La Magnfica Restaurant    (Since 2012)
Calle Costa Occidental No.13
Dueño: Jorge Cardenas
Cel: (315).100.9240
Specialty: Fish & Chips, Onion Rings & French Fries.
Open Wednesday to Sunday 12 noon - 8:00pm.
Inside and outside seating for 30+ persons.
Located at the corner of Av. Veracruz


CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO La Red de Ramses Restaurant
Avenida Veracruz No.56
Dueña: Andréa Jiménez
Cel: (044 315).107.7244
Specialty: Méxican food - Enchiladas Polbanas
Inside seating for 20+ persons.
Open 9:00am - 6:00pm, Closed Tuesdays.
Located across from Hotel Laguna Luna.

LAGUNA SUSHI  355.5018

CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO Restaurant Lagua Sushi Barra
Calle Morelos No.24
Dueño: Edgar Barcena
Specialty: Breakfasts, Lunch & Dinners.
Open 8am - 6pm every day.
Located inside the Sands Hotel, to the right of the pool.


Restaurant Latitud 19 Restaurant Latitud 19
Avenida Veracruz No.?
Dueños: Familia Flores Raís
Cel: (315).355.8457
Specialty: Méxican
Open for Breakfast & Lunch. Seating for ? persons.
Located near?

LOCOLOCO  355.8582  ***NEW LOCATION***

 PIZZERIA LOCO LOCO - Barra de Navidad Pizzeria Loco Loco
Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant Bar
Avenida Veracruz No.170
Dueño: Alessandro Felicioni, Mara Marini
Tel: (315).355.8582, Cel: 315.112.7329
Specialty: Italian Pizzas & Pasta
Located across from Tamales Lady and Banamex ATM.
Closed Monday.

MARLENAS  355.8645  ***NEW LOCATION***

Marlena's Restaurant Bar Marlena's Restaurant Bar  (next to Modelorama)
Avenida Veracruz No.167
Dueña: Marlena Bartz
Tel: (315).355.8645  Cel: (315).100.0284
Special Cuisine: Mexican, German and International.
Open 5pm - 11pm for Dinners.  Closed Sunday.
Inside Seating for 60+ persons.
Located between Av. Puerto de la Navidad & Av. Puerto Cebu.

MOKEKE  100.9772

Restaurante Mokeke Restaurante Mokeke
Calle Michoacán No.135
Propietario: Agustin Garcia Campos
Cel: 044.315.100.9772
Specialty: Omelete Mokeke
Open daily for Breakfasts 8am-1pm.
Inside seating for 20+ persons.
Located 1/2 block from Bus Corner.

 MOKEKE  355.5088

Avenida Veracruz No.60-A
Tel: (315).355.5088
Specialty: Omelette Mokeke, Chilaquiles, Huevos al Gusto.
Open daily for Breakfasts 8am-1pm.
Located on the corner of Calle Guanajuato.

NACHOS  355.5138

RESTAURANT "NACHOS"  Restaurant-Bar "Nachos" (Mariscos Nacho) WiFi
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.100
Propietaria: Ofelia Diáz Orozco
Tel: (315).355.5138, (315).355.5772
Specialty: Pescada Asado al Carbón (barbecued fish)
Open daily 9am - 10pm.
Located on the beach toward the Malecon from the church.
Credit and Debit Cards accepted.


 CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO Nonsolopizza  (Free Take-out Delivery 12pm - 2pm)
Calle Sinaloa No.31
Dueños: Domenico y Francesco Caprio Italiani
Tel: (315).109.4288, (315).109.4021
Specialty: Pizza, Panini, Lasagna & Calzoni.
Open Tuesdays - Sundays 4pm - 11pm.  Closed Mondays.
Inside and outside seating for 20+ persons.
Located opposite Hotel San Lorenzo.

PANCHO  355.5176

Restaurant Pancho  Restaurant "Pancho"
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.53
Propietarios: Fam. Diaz Corona
Tel: (315).355.5176
Specialty: Shrimp a la diabla (spicy deviled shrimp)
Open every day 9am - 8pm.  Parrot  More Parrots
Located on the beach toward the Malecon from the church.


 Antojitos Méxicanos Piña Antojitos Méxicanos Piña
Avenida Veracruz No.162
Tel: (315).355.
Specialty: Mexican breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
Open:   Inside & outside seating for 34+ persons.

PATY  355.8430

RESTAURANT PATY'S  Restaurant "Paty"
Calle Jalisco No.52
Specialty: Barbecue chicken, Enchiladas, Carne asada.
Dueña: Patricia Taujillo Hernandez
Tel: (315).355.8430 Reservations.
Open: 8am -11pm.  Corona beer served.
Inside and outside seating for 50+ persons.
Located on the corner of Avenida Veracruz.


Calle Sonora No.15
Tel: (315).355.8148  Cel: (315).104.3144
Specialty: Mexican food, Burritos & Hamburguesas.
Open days & times? 
Look for this Sign
Located beside Hotel Caribe.


 Popeye's Restaurant Popeye's Restaurant          (Since 1980)
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.44
Specialty: Piña Costalegre
Dueña: Maria Rodrigez.
Inside and Outside seating for 100+ persons.
Located on the beach at the start of the Malecon.
Malecon View

PUERTA DEL SOL  355.8105

PUERTO DEL SOL BAR - BARRA DE NAVIDAD Puerta del Sol Restaurant Bar
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.240C (upstairs).
Dueña: Corrine Tombs (Coco)
Tel: (315).355.8105, Cel: (315).107.1738
Specialty: American and Méxican food.
Open daily 12pm - 12am.  Inside and beach seating.
Happy Hour 5pm -7pm.  Regular Live Music.  Lagoon view
Located on the beach near the start of the Malecon.

RAMÒN  355.6435

RESTAURANT-BAR RAMON  Restaurant-Bar Ramón          (Since 1985)
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.260
Specialty: Brocheta Mar y Tierra, Langosta al Gusto.
Dueño: Ramón Díaz Zuazo    Tel: (315).355.6435
Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 7:00am - 11:00pm
TV with Sports & CNN news.  Superb  Coffee.
Located across from Hotel Barra de Navidad,

SEA MASTER  355.8296

SEA MASTER - MEXICO LINDO Sea Master Restaurant Bar
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.146
Dueños: Pedro Y Hugo Morett
Tel: (315).355.8296
Specialty: Barbecued ribs, Grilled shrimp in butter & garlic.
Located at corner of Calle Yacatán.  Seating for 80+ persons.
Seasonal live music.  Entrance Foyer   Inside View

SONRISA  355.8703

CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO Sonrisa Restaurant    Street Menu    
Calle Sinaloa No.50
Dueña: Guillermina Hernández Tapia
Tel: (315).355.8703
Specialty: Tacos, Fish, Shrimp Barbacoa & Guisados
Inside & Outside seating for 20+ persons.
Open 7:00am - 6:00pm everyday.
Located between Ave. Mazatlán and Calle Veracruz.

SIMONAS  355.8355

 Simonas Restaurant - Barra de Navidad Simonas Restaurant
Avenida Miguel López de Legazpi No.198
Dueña: Simona Hügli  Gerente: Juan Carlos Ruelas Chávez
Tel: (315).355.8355  Cel: (314).147.0853  Sunset Photo
Specialty: Lamb Ossobuco, International gourmet restaurant.
Open Thursday-Sunday 11am-11pm for lunch & dinner.
Inside, outside & beach seating for 45+ persons.
Located beachfront at Hotel Casa Chips.  Happy Hour 4-7pm.


 RESTAURANT SOLARIS Restaurant "Solaris"
Calle Jalisco No.62
Specialty: Home cooked Mexican.
Located in central downtown.

SUNSET  355.5464

 SUNSET RESTAURANT BAR Sunset Restaurant - Bar & Galbria  (Club de Playa)
Now called Terraza-Bar "Capri"
Calle Jalisco No.15 (214)
Dueño: Rafael Amador Gallegos
Specialty: Mexican food.  Restaurant Bar
Located on the beach beside the Oxo store.
Gorgeous Sunsets

VELERO'S  108.4914

VELERO'S RESTAURANT  Velero's Restaurant-Bar
Avenida Veracruz No.64
Dueño: Luis Felipe Morett García y Gloria
Tel: (315).108.4914
Specialty: Globo de Mariscos  Foyer & Bar photos..
Seating for 140+ persons.  Open 12:00am - 10:00pm.
Located by the Co-op on the lagoon side of Calle Morelos.


RESTAURANTE VILLANO  Restaurante Villano
Avenida Veracruz No.153-A
Specialty: Mexican
Located between the Jardin and the Plaza.