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SERVICES, SUPPLIES & INFO  (Barra de Navidad)

Tourist Office    Banks    Bus Stations    Post Office    Taxis    Grocery Stores    Gym    Internet    Laundries    Drug Stores    Massage    Telephones    Tours    Fish Market    Gas Stations    Rentals    Veterinarian



Delegacion Regional de Turismo de Costalegre
Delegado de Turismo Barra de Navidad
Avenida Veracruz No.98
Tel: (315).355.8383  Tel/Fax:(315).355.5100
Web Site    E-Mail
Dueño: Lic. Alfonso G. Espinoza Estrada
Open: Daily 10am - 6pm
Tourist information & maps in Spanish.

BANK & MONEY EXCHANGES  (Banco y Casa de Cambios)

Banamex Barra de Navidad ATM There is no bank at Barra de Navidad, but BANAMEX has installed an ATM (Cajero) machine between the Post Office & Municipal Office (delegación municipal) next door to the park (Jardín).

When ATM gives your card back, snatch it out promptly or you may loose it, as ATM staff are required to destroy them for security reasons.


 MONEY EXCHANGE (CASA DE CAMBIO) "Ciber @ Money" Casa de Cambio  
Avenida Veracruz No.212C
Propietario: Mario Gayon Guzman
Tel: (315).355.6177
Open: Mon. - Sat. 9am-7pm, Sun. 9am-2pm, closed 2-4pm daily.

BUS STATIONS  (Estación de Autobúses)

TRANSPORTES CIHUATLÁN BUS STATION Transportes Cihuatlán (TCN) (Autocamiones Cihuatlán)
(Autocamiones del Pacifico) (Cihuatlán Plus)
Avenida Veracruz No.226
Tel: (315).355.5265  They do not have a Website.
Horario  Service for both Local & Regional buses.
La Manzanilla Bus: 16 Pesos. 
Leave Barra at 7:30, 9:30, 12:30, 14:30 & 16:30. 
Leave La Manzanilla at 8:30, 10:30, 13:30, 15:30 & 17:30.


ETN BUS STATION - Barra de Navidad ETN  La Línea Más Cómoda  ETN WebSite
Avenida Veracruz No.273-C
Tel: (315).355.8400    Mexico Toll Free: 01.800.8000
Schedules: Leaves Barra de Navidad for:
Guadalajara/Colima - 0:45, 1:00, 7:20, 12:20, 15:30, 16:40
Manzanillo - 7:20, 12:20, 16:40    Mexico DF - 18:10
Aeropuerto Guad - 00:45, 01:00, 07:20, 12:20 (5 hours).

Ticket Booth  Horarío


FLECHA AMARILLA - PRIMERA PLUS - BUS STATION Flecha Amarilla  "Primera Plus"  Primera Plus WebSite
(Autobuses Costa Alegre)
(Servicios Coordinatos)
Avenida Veracruz No.269
Tel: (315).355.6111
Reserve Seating Numbers  Horarío (TimeTable)

POST OFFICE  (Oficina de Correo)

BARRA POST OFFICE  Servicio Postal Mexícano
Avenida Veracruz No.196
Postal Code (C.P.) 48987
Open 8am - 3pm, Monday to Friday.
Located beside the ATM by the police station.
There is also a mailbox (buzón) at tienda "Liqories & Vinos" on Avenida López de Legazpi No.264, beside the Jardín.

TAXI STANDS  (Sitios de Taxi)

 Barra de Navidad taxi sitio #F22/81 There are two Taxi Sitios in Barra de Navidad.
The main stand is at the corner of Calle Sinaloa & Avenida López de Legazpi, by Casa Chips.  Tel: (315).355.5760, (315).355.8509

The other Sitio is kitty-corner from the bus station at Calle Michoacan & Avenida Veracruz.
Taxi Rates 2014  Taxi Rates 2006


CIBER INTERNET  Ciber@Money, Centro de Cómputo
Avenida Veracruz No.212C
Tel: (315).355.8145

Dueña: Martha Shanchez
Dueño: Gerold

Open: 8am-6pm daily, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sun 8am-3pm.
(air conditioned)


INTERNET NUEVA  Internet "Nueva" 
Calle Jalisco No.65
Tel: (315).355.5549  (315).355.8364
Dueño: Sergio Valadez Madrigral
Propietaria: Ma. Del Consuelo
Open 9am-9pm Mon-Sat. Closed 2-5 for la comida.
4 computers.  Cost $20Pesos/Hr.
Located in Farmacia Nueva just down from the plaza.


INTERNET CAFE RAMIREZ  Promotora Y Comercializadora "Ramirez"
Lic. Martín Ramirez V.
Tel: (315).355.8197



World On Line Internet Cafe
Avenida Mazatlán No.102 (local 2)
Tel/Fax: (315).355.8522  Cel: 044.315.100.2720
Propietario: Norberto Martinez Reyna
Internet Café, Computer repairs & accessories
6 computers, Cost: $10p/30min., $20p/hour
Located just north of Posada San Rafael.

LAUNDRY  (Lavandería)

Lavandería Gisela Lavandería Gisela
Calle Michoacán No.64-B
Dueña: Marcela Rafad Cruz
Cel: (315).106.2420  Empleada
Open Monday to Saturday 8am - 2pm, 4pm - 8pm.
Closed Sunday.  Cost: 12p per kilo.
Located across from Ixtapa grocery.


Calle Jalisco No.70
Tel: (315).355.6135
Propietaria: Anselmo Lopez Garcia  Empleada: Gricelda
Open Mon. - Fri. 9am-1pm, 3pm-6pm, Sat. 9am-2pm
Cost: 12 pesos per kilo, No minimum charge.
Located east of town center.


Open Mon. - Sat. 8am - 9pm.
New in 2003.


Lavanderia Mats Lavandería "MATS"
Avenida López de Legazpi No.62-B
Tel: (315).355.6578
Propietaria: Angelica Salazar
Open Mon. - Fri. 9am-6:30pm, Sat. 9am-2pm Closed 2-4pm daily.  Cost: 10 pesos per kilo, 30 peso minimum
Located one block toward beach from bus station.
Pick up & delivery service.


Lavanderia Mary Lavandería Laundry "MARY"
Avenida Veracruz 205-B
Open Monday to Saturday 8am - 10pm,
Sunday 8am - 2pm.


HINT: You will save money if you bring dry clothes to the laundry (wet clothes weigh more) 

DRUG STORES  (Farmacia)

 FARMACIA "LOURDES" Farmacia "Lourdes"
Calle Jalisco No.54
Tel: (315)355.5363
Propietaria: Micaela Avalos López.
Open: Mon-Sat, 8am-2pm, 4pm-8pm.
Located beside Restaurant Paty


Photo Unavailable Farmacia "Mazatlan"
Calle Mazatlan No. 38 (local 1)
Dr. Pedro David Crespo Contreras (Medicina General)
Emergency Cel: 01.335.244.38


Farmacia "Marcela"  (315).355.5431  Avenida Veracruz No. 69, just north of Calle Sinaloa


FARMACIA "NUEVA" Farmacia "Nueva"
Calle Jalisco No.65
Tel: (315).355.5549 (315).355.8364
Propietaria: Ma. Del Consuelo Madrigal Alvarez.
Dr. Sergio Valadez Madrigal.
Open Mon-Sat, 9am-2pm & 5pm-9pm.
24hr. Emergency Medical.


Farmacia Rubio Farmacia "Rubio"
Avenida Veracruz No.232
Tel: (315).335.5412
Propietaria: Dra. María Herlinda Rubio Sanchez
Medicina Gereral, Partos y Niños
Open Mon.-Sun., 9am-2pm & 4pm-9pm.
Located north of the bus station.  English spoken.


FARMACIA ZURICH Farmacia "Zurich"
Avenida Miguel López de Legaspi No.154
Propietario: Dr. Anselmo López Garcia
Tel: (315).355.6543
Open Mon. - Sat., 8am - 11pm.
Also has fishing supplies.
Located just south of the town plaza near the church.

CHIROPRACTORS & MASSAGE  (Quiropracticos y Masaje)

LUCERO THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Lucero Therapeutic Massage  (Since 1996)
Calle San Lucas No.64
Holistic, reflexology, chiro, reiki, shiatsu & hot stones massages.  Temazcal Therapy treatment.
Terapéuta: Lucero De Avila
Appointments Tel: (315).355.5135
Open every day, 9am-6pm.
Located 2 blocks from Cabo Blanco resort.


Photo Unavailable Buena Onda Massage
Calle Morelos No.26
Dueña: Kalina  Cel: (315).112.4602


Photo Unavailable Perla Padilla Massage
Cel: (315).109.9828
Mobile Service for Messages, Manicures & Pedicures.

TELEPHONES & TELEGRAPH  (Casetas Telefonica) (Teléfonos y Telégrafos)

Avenida Veracruz No.102  CLOSED/MOVED?
Telephone & Fax service, Photocopies
Papeleria y Regalos (Stationary and gifts)
Propietaria: Ma. Aurora Nieves Diaz
Tel: (315).355.6074  Fax: (315).355.6077
Located beside restaurant "Chela" at the corner of Avenida Veracruz and Calle Jalisco near the town square.


Photo Unavailable Telegrafos
Avenida Veracruz No.62
Tel: (315).355.5262
Administradora: Carmen Deniz Pano
Open Mon. - Fri. 9am - 3pm


There are quite a few public telephones located around town.
(usually LADATEL or TELMEX)      
This one is beside Casa Chips.
Most work with phone cards which you can buy at local tiendas.


THE ONLY TOURS  The Only Tours Costalegre    (Since 1997)
Calle Privada Las Cabañas Lote 26.
Propietarios: Ray & Eva Calhoun
  Tel/Fax: (315).355.6777
E-Mail  raystoursmelaque @
Van tours to Manzanillo & Colima  
Snorkeling Tours, Bird Watching, Hot Springs, Custom Tours.
Mountain bike rentals & boogie boards.
Located in San Patricio off Calle Orozco, 1/2 bk South of Gomez Farias.


BARRA FISH MARKET Soc. Coop. de Prod. Pesq. de Rivera y de Consumo
Avenida Veracruz No.72, between Morelos & Yucatan
Tel/Fax: (315).335.6717/6718/6373
Open: Monday - Saturday 8am-5pm (closed Sundays)
Mariscos, Filletes and Pescados.
Wide selection of fresh caught fish (in season) Close-Up

Puerto Viejo Navidad


ABARROTES FRUTAS Y VERDURAS Abarrotes Frutas y Veduras
Calle Michoacan No.?
Located between the bus station Corner and Posada Pacifico.


VINOS Y LICORES BARRA DE NAVIDAD Vinos y Licores Barra de Navidad
Avenida Lopez de Legazpi No. 264
Tel: (315).355.5735
Money exchange, beers, wines, liquors & snacks.
There is also a Mailbox here.
Located next to the Jardín.
Close up Photo


Avenida Veracruz No.300
Propietario: Ofelia Ortiz
Tel: (315).355.6140
Carries dry groceries, beer, wine, pop, liquor, fruits and vegetables.
This newly expanded store now has a deli counter, pharmacy with a perfume section and an ice cream cone bar.


KIOSKO Store - Barra de Navidad KIOSKO
Avenida Veracruz s/n.
Located on the left when entering Barra de Navidad across from the ETN bus station.


Avenida Veracruz s/n.
Located on the left when entering Barra de Navidad at Calle 21 de Noviembre.


Avenida López de Legazpi s/n.
Located at the corner of Calle Jalisco near the Church.


Photo Unavailable Fruteria Ixtapa
Calle Michoacán No.53 (Colonial Centro)
Cel: (315).100.6280


FitNis Gym & Personal Training FitNis Gym & Yoga  (FitNis S. de R.L.)
Avenida Veracruz No.1
Fitness gym, personal training & workshops.

Propietarios: Dilip Mehera & Crystal Niskasari
Tel: (315).355.8523
Located at the main road when entering Barra de Navidad.
Open all year.


MINI-MARKET HAWAII Mini-Market "Hawaii"  
Groceries, beers & liquors, Telephone & Fax service.
Tel: (315).355.5625
Open 11am to 11pm
Located on Avenida Lopez de Legazpi, one block south of the plaza.


Vinos y Licores "Edu" Vinos y Licores "Edu"
Calle Michoacán No. 54
Tel: (315).355.5764
Groceries, beers, wines & liquors.  Cerveza a precio de agencia.



NEWSSTAND "PUBLICACIONES LUNA" Newsstand "Publicaciones Luna"
Calle Michoacan & Avenida Lopez de Legazpi.
Newspapers, magazines, beer, pop & snacks.
Located on the corner south of the bus depot.


ABARROTES MIGUEL - TIENDA CHAGO Abarrotes "Miguel" (Tienda Chago)
Avenida Manzanillo No. 100
Light Snacks.

Propietario: Señor Chago. 
Located on the corner of Calle Michoacan and Av. Manzanillo.

PEMEX GAS STATION  355.5261 (Gasolinera)

Pemex Gasolinera ES-0523 Gasolinera "PEMEX" 
Servicio Bejasa Hermanos. S.A. DE C.V.
Tel: (315).355.5261
Located on Mex 200 at Jaluco just south of the Barra junction.


Crazy Cactus Car Rentals
Calle 21 de Noviembre #60
Propietaria: Tracye Ross
Phone (315).355.6091

Clean, Dependable cars at reasonable prices.


Crazy Cactus Mini Storage Units
Calle Nueva Espana #54
Propietaria: Tracye Ross
Phone: (315).355.6091

Self storage units in a variety of sizes to suit all your storage needs.  Clean, Secure and conveniently located.


SOUTH SWELL SURF SHOP South Swell Mex Surf Shop  **CLOSED**
Calle Sinaloa No.16, Suite #3 Hotel La Alondra
Propietario: Germain Badke
Tel: (315).355.8752 or (315).100.4332
Equipment sales & Lessons.
Surfboard, Snorkel and Boogie Board Rentals.


Photo Unavailable Mi Mascota Clínica Veterinaria
Calle Michoacán No.91
Cel: (315).112.4433, Nextel: (314).141.8046