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E-MAIL FEATURES  (For Costalegre SiteMail & PopMail)


  • Uniquely Personalized
    With Costalegre SiteMail, you can select an E-mail address that fits your personality and says something about you.  Become a part of the Costalegre community group!

  • Available Everywhere
    Your Costalegre E-mail account lets you send and receive messages from any computer in the world that has Web access. Whether you are at a library, in a Cafe, at home or at work, with Costalegre SiteMail, your email address is the same and your account is accessible from all locations.  That makes it easy to stay in touch with family, friends and business contacts, regardless of your location.

  • Quick & Easy
    Using Costalegre SiteMail is easy. Simply log into your account (with your user name and password) and begin to Read, Write and Send messages. Our convenient "address book" lets you store your contacts online. You can send messages with photo or text attachments, organize them in folders, save drafts, and customize signatures.

  •  Private and Secure
    Because it's password protected, only you will have access to your Costalegre E-mail account. If you share a computer or internet access, or if you need a personal account to access from work, our secure servers will keep your messages private.

  • Premium Services
    SiteMail has NO intrusive banner ads, irritating ad pop-ups, site generated junk mail or spam.  Your personal information is secure, as we do not sell or divulge your personal information to anyone!

  • Get a permanent e-mail address
    You will be able to keep your Costalegre E-Mail Address, as long as you continue to re-new your Costalegre Mail account. Your address will be the same even if you move, leave school, change Internet Service Providers or jobs.

  • POP Access from your home computer
    If you purchase our ePOP or ePOPW accounts, you can configure your home computers e-mail program (Outlook Express, Eudora, or Netscape Mail) to automatically access your Costalegre mail account.  You must have a Internet connection with a local Internet Service Provider.  We provide setup info for your computers e-mail (client) program.

TYPES OF E-MAIL ACCOUNTS  (Provided by www·costalegre·ca)

eWEB Travel Account

eWEB is a browser based e-mail account which we call SiteMail on the web.  This account lets you use your e-mail from any computer in the world that has web access.  Your mail account may be accessed from any internet cafe, public library or from any personal or business computer connected to the internet.  eWEB is perfect for travelers as your mail account travels with you.
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ePOP Home Account

 ePOP is a home based (pop-3) e-mail account that uses your home (or work) computers internal e-mail program to automatically access your Costalegre e-mail account.  ePOP works with all the popular e-mail programs like Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape Mail.  After applying for an ePOP account, you must set-up your e-mail program with information that we supply.  Your computer must have a internet connection with a local internet service provider (ISP) in order for ePOP to work.  You can use ePOP for your main e-mail when at home or work.
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ePOPW Home & Travel Account

 ePOPW combines our eWEB web based travel account with our ePOP home account in a collective package.  This account allows the user to take full advantage of all available e-mail features and use the same e-mail address and password for both accounts.
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E-mail Server set-up is included in the purchase price for all accounts.


SiteMail is a fully secure e-mail system using SSL encryption.  You will notice your web browser will lock when entering SiteMail, certifying to you that anything you type will not be intercepted by anyone else.  SiteMail has all the standard features found on other high quality systems.  A few are: Inbox, Compose, Address book, Trash folder, E-mail storage folders and Log out.  Our searchable Address Book will store all your friends and business acquaintances first and last names, home and work telephone numbers, and their e-mail address in the Quick Add section.  In our Regular Add section 23 input boxes are available to add more information like company names, fax numbers, street address, etc. to the Address Book.  You can stylize your sent e-mails by adding a Signature File to the bottom of the message.  You can also add a message Profile to the prefix of your e-mail address. EG: <Jane Doe>  When composing outgoing messages, you can send photo or text attachments with the message.  Html code can be included, so if you type in the message, the recipient will be able to click on this link to instantly view in their web browser.  SiteMail has no intrusive ads, pop-ups or site generated junk mail or spam.  SiteMail has an Intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) with easy to use administration tools that make it a snap to send and receive e-mails.  To use our SiteMail on the Web system, you have to be registered with us with either an eWEB or ePOPW e-mail account.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my New Costalegre E-Mail?  Top
Usually the same day you applied for an account.  If you have an existing e-mail account, you will notified by e-mail as soon as your account is activated.  If you have eWEB try to access your e-mail from our Sign-In link HERE  Please allow up to 24 hours for our technical staff to activate your account.

How do I access my new SiteMail on the Web system?  Top
Go to www·costalegre·ca and click on the Sign-In button.
Then enter your Costalegre e-mail address ( and password.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?  Top
If you can't remember your password send a message to  HERE
  or send a Contact note outlining your request.  Please include your personal name, e-mail address ( and password.  Once we've received your message, we'll verify your address and send you an e-mail with a new password.

How can I leave e-mail on the server so I can download it later using my regular e-mail program? 

E-mail messages left in your Inbox will remain on the server and will be available to be downloaded the next time you check your e-mail using ePOP from home or SiteMail when you're away.  If you delete any messages from your Inbox while using SiteMail on the Web, they won't remain on the server, and are un-recoverable.

How do I check my Costalegre e-mail if I'm connected to the Internet using a different Internet Service Provider (ISP) or over a local area network (LAN)?  Top
If you have purchased an ePOP e-mail account you can check your Costalegre e-mail while connected to the internet using a different ISP by configuring the e-mail client (program) with the set-up information previously sent to you for your home account.


Do I have to be connected to the Web to read and write e-mail?  Top

Not if you're using ePOP from home or work. You can continue to read and write e-mails with your local e-mail program without tying up your phone line or being connected to the Web.  With SiteMail you have to be on-line with a web browser, either from home or while traveling.


How do I save messages I've accidentally sent to the Trash?  Top
If you accidentally delete a message and want to retrieve it, you can move the message from the trash folder to a new folder you created.  Note: Any messages left in the trash after you end your E-mail on the Web session will be permanently erased.


What if I want to close my account later?  Top

You can close your Costalegre e-mail account at any time.  Closing your Costalegre e-mail account means that you will no longer be able to use your Costalegre e-mail address and password to sign-in to receive or send e-mail on our mail servers.  When you close your account www·costalegre·ca will delete your personal profile information from our database and all mail currently on the server will be deleted.  There may be a delay between the time you close your account and the time your profile information and mail is deleted from the Costalegre database and the account deactivated.  To close your account send an e-mail request to  HERE  Please include your personal name, e-mail address ( and password.  Payments for all e-mail accounts are non-refundable.