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BANKING  355.5277


Banamex Bank
Avenida Gómez Farías across from the bus station.
Tel: (315).355.5277,  (315).355.5352
Inside the foyer are 2 ATM machines with 24 hour access.
For Teller Service take a number from the Turns Terminal,
sit down and wait for your number to come up on the screen.
To cash travelers checks, you need to open an account.
More Information

Intercam Banco
Calle López Mateos No.8
There is a ATM kiosk with 24 hour access.
Located in San Patricio across the corner from the Oxo.
Photo Unavailable Banjercito Bank
There is an ATM kiosk at the entrance to the military base.


Peluquería Cano Peluquería Cano
Avenida Morelos No.
Dueño: Sr. Alejandro Amador Vega
Tel: (315).355.5461
Haircuts $45p.
Located in San Patricio, 1/2 block from the Jardín.


Photo Unavailable Peluquería Ceja's (Ceja's Barber Shop)
Calle Miguel Hildalgo No.175    Villa Obregón
Dueño: Ernesto Ceja
Tel: (315).355.9180 Cel: (315).110.8521
Haircuts $30p
Located at the corner of Independencia by the V.O. Jardín.


Photo Unavailable Estetica y Peluquería Yolanda's
Avenida Benito Juarez No.2    San Patricio
Full service salon for the entire family.
Estilista: Yolanda a. de Amaral
Appointments Tel: (315).355.5747  English spoken.
Open 10am-2pm & 5pm-8pm.  Closed Sundays.

BICYCLES  (Bicicletas)

Bicicletas Refacciones "Melaque"
Avenida Benito Juarez No.72-A       San Patricio
Propietario: Juan Barajas Abundis
Empleada: Maricela Espinoza Castellono
Tel: (315).355.8742
Open Mon - Sat, 9am-2pm & 4pm-8pm.
New bicycles & bike parts.  Repair Shop across the street.


Taller de Bicicletas Taller de Bicicletes
Avenida Benito Juarez No.71-A       San Patricio
Propietario: Gile Avalos S.
Cel: (315).102.1670, (315).104.3570
Open Mon - Sat, 8am-2pm & 4pm-8pm.
Bicycle repair and parts. 
New Parts Store across the street.


El Nene Hospital de Bicicletas El Nene Hospital de Bicicletas.  **CLOSED**
Avenida Vicente Guerrero No.18.
Bicycle and motorcycle repairs. 
Used bikes for sale.
Located in Colonia Villa Obregón at Calle Revolucion.


Taller de Bicicletas "Moreno"    R.F.C MOTM 550321-RN3
Avenida Morelos No.101-A  San Patricio
Propietario: José Manuel Moreno Toro
Open 9am-1pm every day.
Bike rentals $300+p/week, 800+p/month (if available)


The Rental Bike Baron Costalegre The Rental Bike Baron  R.F.C.LARI430813NXI (Since 2008)
Calle Esmeralda No.121
Owner/Manager: Ricardo Latte  Cel: (315).100.0836
Bike rentals from $60 pesos/day, $300 pesos/week + monthly discounts. Secure bicycle storage packages from $300 pesos/6 month period.  Full service bicycle repair and accessories sales service daily except Sunday.
Open daily 9am-4pm, Sunday 10am-2pm, November 15 - April 15.
Located in Villa Obregón between Calle V. Guerrero & Calle Hidalgo.


BABALU' CAFE & BOOKS Babalu' Cafe & Books                                    (Since 2012)
Calle Gordiano Guzman No.29
Dueños: Ted & Vikki Nordstrom
Tel: (315).355.6223
Specialty: Coffee, Biscotti.  Book Room
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm. 
January hours: 8:30am - 2:00pm.
Located in San Patricio between Benito Jaurez & Ramon. Corona. 



Cuba Libro Book Exchange                             (Since 2006)
Calle Primavera No.8
Propietaria: Leone Ewoldt
Tel: (315).355.7044
Open 4-6pm Monday to Friday.
Entrance  Inside Photo
Located in Villa Obregón at the southern end of Miguel Hildalgo.


Money exchange Melaque

Money Exchange Melaque  **CLOSED**
Avenida Gómez Farías No. 27-A
Cajera: Laura Guiño Ch.
Tel/Fax: (315).355.5343
Open Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm (closed 2pm-4pm),
Sundays 9am-2pm. 
Lower exchange rates, but better hours than the bank.
Located in the Pasaje Comercial local #11



Cambio del Pacifico is a Casa de Cambio
Avenida Gómez Farías No.?
Open daily 9am-7pm (closed 2pm-4pm),
Lower exchange rates, but better hours than the bank.
Located beside the Melaque bus station by the taxi stand.

INTERCAM  355.6291

INTERCAM Financial Services

INTERCAM Servicios Financieros
Calle López Mateos No. 8
Propietario: Gustavo Aranda Ruezga

(Asesor Corporativo / Corporative Advisor)
Tel: (315).355.6291
For Foreign Exchange and International Payments.
Located next door to Los Molcajetes Restaurant.


IGUANAS GYM Iguanas Gym Fitness Center MLQ.
Calle Miguel Hidalgo No.41-A
Tel: (315).355.????
Inside Photo
Located in San Patricio across from the Jardín.


Photo Unavailable MySpace Gimnasio Mixto
Calle 16 de Septiembre No.15-A
Tel: (315).355.5796
Located at Pueblo Jaluco.


Olimpus Gym Olimpus Gym (Gimnacio)                 (Since November 2011)
Avenida Morelos No.91
Dueño: Moises Rodríguez M.
Tel: (315).355.????
Open Monday to Friday 7am-10pm. Saturday 8am-5pm?
Located in San Patricio.
Inside Photo


Gym Mixto Costa Sur Gym Mixto Costa Sur
Avenida Benito Juarez No.32-C
Dueños: Flavio González Anaya y Martha Esther Varela Serrano
Tel: (315).355.5610
Open Monday to Friday 9am-2pm & 4pm-10pm
Lady's Aerobics 7pm-10pm.
Located 2 blocks East of the park on Taco Row.

BUS STATIONS     Bus Schedules

Melaque Cihuatlan Bus Station

Autobuses Cihuatlán y Autocamiones del pacifico
Terminal de Autobuses (Bus Terminal).
Calle Venustiano Carranza & Avenida Gómez Farías.
Tel: (315).355.5003
Bus Schedules (Horaríos): 2016  2014
Barrio Bus travels between Melaque & Barra de Navidad.
Credit & Debit Cards now accepted.


Flecha Amarrio

Flecha Amarrio  (Primera Plus)  Web Site
Calle Venustiano Carranza No.34.  Tel: (315).355.6110
Primera Plus bus line has 3 bus classes: Primera Plus (1st.Class), Coordinados (2nd.Class) & Costamar (2nd.Class).
Primera Plus & Costamar have toilets.
Waiting Room, Bus Schedules: 2016  2016   2014
Located across the street from Autocamiones Cihuatlán.
Horarío (Santiago Time Table)



Elite & Futura Web Site
Avenida Gómez Farías No.257
Long haul Buses Acapulco to Tijuana.
Buy tickets from the counter inside the Minisuper store.
Tel: (315).355.5243, (315).109.4991 Old List from Melaque.
Located across from La Playa RV park, beside hotel San Nicolas.
To change or cancel tickets phone Elite at 01.314.334.6436


ETN Melaque Ticket Booth ETN Ticket Booth  Web Site
Pasaje Comercial, local 4-6
Empleada: Señorita Morales
Tel: (315).355.8991
Open 10am-2:30pm, 4pm-7pm daily.  Horarío  (Timetable)
Note: Buses arrive/depart only from Barra de Navidad bus depot.
Located in the passageway across from Cihuatlán Bus Station.


FOTO GEIDY  Tel: (315).355.8276 & 355.6645

POST OFFICE  (Administracion de Correos)


Oficina de Correos
Calle Clemente Orozco No.13
Postmaster: Saúl Rodrígues Madrueño
Tel: (315).355.5230  Postal Code 48980.
Open Tuesday to Friday 8am-4:30pm, Saturday 9am-1pm.
Abierto Lunes a viernes: 8:00 a 16:30, Sabado: 9:00 a 13:00.
Located half a block south of Avenida Ramon Corona (east side).

TAXI STANDS  (Sitios de taxi)


Sitio Melaque No.F/180  Tel: (315).355.6100
Located at the Bus Station on the corner of Calle Venustiano Carranza and Avenida Gómez Farías
Sitio San Patricio No.F/95  Tel: (315).355.5201
Located at the Jardín (plaza) off Calle López Mateos.
Sitio Villa Obregon No.F/233  Tel: (315).355.5569
Avenida Benito Juarez & Calle Revolucion.
More Info



The main shopping street is Calle López Mateos in San Patricio, which runs south of Carretera 200 6 blocks to the beach.  There are a number of tourist tiendas on Avenida Gómez Farías, which borders along the playa.  On Wednesdays there is a public street market (10am-3pm), which runs 5 blocks along Avenida Morelos between Calle Reforma and Calle Esmeralda in Villa Obregon.  Mostly domestic items for sale, but there are crafts, tapes & cds', jewelry, clothing, novelties and souvenir's.  Booths are set up under tarps for shade.  If you miss the market in Melaque, it relocates to Barra on Thursdays.


FLORERIA CRISTY Floreria Cristy  Flower shop for your special occasions.
Avenida Emiliano Zapata No.348   (Villa Obregón c.p.48980)
Dueños: Eduardo González Mendoza
(Atención de la Familia González Hernádez)
Tel: (315).355.8872  Cel: (315).100.5674, (315).112.3171
Open Monday to Saturday 8am-9pm, Sunday 9am-1pm.
They also sell flowers at the Tianguis - Wednesday in Melaque, Thursday at Barra de Navidad & Saturdays in front of restaurant Lora Loka in La Manzanilla.


CARE COMPUTER Care Computer                                           New 2012/2013
Avenida Gómez Farías No.59A   (San Patricio)
Dueños: Ing. Alma Días y Ing. Alfonso Guerrero
Tel: (315).355.5699
Internet service, photocopies, scanning, printing, computer maintenance, installation of software, networks and WiFi, computer workshops and courses.
Open daily 9am to 11pm. (all day long)
Located near....


Calle López Matos No.?  (San Patricio)
Dueño: Enrique Vazquez
Tel: (315).355.5076
10 Computers, printing, copies and scans.
Air Conditioned.
Located across from Super Hawaii grocery store.


Ciber La Web@ Ciber La Web@
Calle Reforma No.85   (Villa Obregón)
Dueña: Yoshelina Mota Martinez
Tel: (315).355.1120
6 computers, printing, copies, scans & telephone booth.
Open Monday to Saturday 11:00am till 10:00pm.
Located inside Artesanias Lalito, kitty-corner from Pollos Lalo.


El Navegante Servicio de Internet  El Navegante Internet, Graphic Design & Postcards.
Avenida Gomez Farías No. 48-A
Propietario: Oswaldo Uribe Araiza
Tel: (315).355.5095
7 computers, Cost is $5 pesos every half an hour.
Open Monday-Saturday 9:00am-9:30pm, Sunday 10am-8pm.
Located in Melaque across from La Playa R.V. park.


Internet Centro Virtual Internet Centro Virtual
Avenida Ramon Corona No. 42-B
Propietario: Señor Alonso Becerra
Tel: (315).355.5044 or (314).353.7697
6 computers.
Located in the narrow market west of Av. Lopez Mateos.


Mundo Cibernetico

Mundo Cibernetico
Calle Gordiano Guzman No. 20
Propietrio: Sr. Santiago Macías Vargas
Tel: (315).355.8982  11 Computers.
Open 9am-10pm everyday.
Price: 20p/hr, 10p/1/2hr, 5p/1/4hr.
Located in San Patricio a few blocks east of the park.


PC'S Sistemas Computacionales

PC'S Sistemas Computacionales
Avenida Benito Juarez No.24
4 computer Internet Cafe, Computer Repair & Accessories.
Propietrio: Hugo Miguel González Montes.
Tel: (315).355.5922
Open Monday to Saturday 11am-2pm & 4pm-8pm.
Located in San Patricio at the corner of Calle Guzman.


Sm@rt Planet Ciber Café

Sm@rt Planet Ciber Café    $35p/hr.  CLOSED?
Calle Clemente Orozco No. 29  MOVED TO LOPEZ ST.
Dueño: Manuel Inda Santamaría
Gerente: Amelia Ramírez Soto  Empeada: Maggie
Tel: (315).355.6965.  Air conditioned.
Open Monday to Saturday 9am-10pm, Sunday 9am-3pm.
Located in San Patricio two blocks east of the Jardín.


Systems Digitales de Ocidente - CLICK FOR LARGE PHOTO Systems Digitales de Occidente
Cyber café & computer repair shop.

Avenida Benito Juarez No.2-A
Dueño: Carlos Miguel Amaral Alarcón
Tel: (315).355.9268  Cel:(315).104.7758
9 computers, Cost: 5p - 30min, 10p - 60min.
Open 10am-9pm Monday to Saturday, Closed Sundays.
Located in Melaque 1/2 block from the La Herradura.

LAUNDRY (Lavandería)

ANGELES LAVANDERIA Lavandería "Angeles"
Avenida Benito Juarez No.16
Cel: (315).112.7532
Located in Melaque across from Aquiles Serdan school, by the Jardín. 


LAVENDERÍA "LÓPEZ Y LÓPEZ" Lavandería "López Y López"
Avenida Morelos No. 63
Propietaria: Rita Guadalupe Pérez Navarro
Gerente: Jose Cruz Tolentino Lopez
Tel: (315).355.5312
Open Monday - Saturday 9am-8pm, Sundays 9am-2pm.
Price is 10p/kilo.  Located in San Patricio.


LAVENDERÍA "TOÑAS" Lavandería "Toñas"
Calle Carrillo Puerto No. 20
Propietaria: Gloria Espindola Mendoza
Tel: (315).355.5543
Price is 10p/kilo.
Located in Melaque near the west end of alley market.


Lavanderia Marve Lavandería Marve
Avendia I. Zapata No. 13
Propietario: Marve
Price: 10p/kilo 10% discounts on Thursday.
Open 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday.  Sunday 9am-4pm.
Located on the corner of Calle Francisco Villa in Villa Obregón.


LAVANDERIA MERAZ Lavandería "Meraz"
Calle Vicente Cuerrero No.157
Tel: (315).355.6946
Propietarios: Manuel Meraz Romero Y Anita López Barajaz
Price: 10p per kilo
Open 9am till 9pm daily.
Located behind Bungalows La Fragata in East Villa Obregon.


LAVANDERÍA "FRANCIS" Lavandería "Francis"  (Landry Service)
Avenida Benito Juarez No.49-A
Propietarios: La Familia Garcia Martinez
Price: 10p/kilo
Open 9am-9pm Monday to Saturday.
Located in San Patricio, between Guzman and Calle Clemente Orozco (south side).


Photo Unavailable Lavandería "Ana"
Calle Reforma Esq. Avenida Benito Juarez s/n.
Tel: (315).355.6429
Open Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm.  Closed 2pm-4pm daily.


Avenida V. Gómez Farías No.26
Propietaria: Cecilia Canales Santana
Tel: (315).355.8704.  Price: 10p/kilo
Open Lunes A Sabado 9am - 6pm.
They usually like to keep your clothes overnight.
Located in Melaque, across from the bank.


Photo Unavailable Lavandería "Costalegre"
Avenida Benito Juarez No.63
Propietaria: Guadalupe Fernandez Becerra
Open 8am-8pm Mondays to Saturday.


Photo Unavailable Lavandería "Yaretzi" Avenida Morelos No.107 Tel:(315).355.6942


Photo Unavailable Lavandería "Doña Lucha" Avenida Ramon Corona No. 105.


HINT: You will save money if you bring dry clothes to the laundry (wet clothes weigh more) 


Avenida Morelos No.126-B
Propietario: Rogelio Moreno Cortés
Tel: (315).355.8928
Abarotes, Vinos y Licores.
Located in San Patricio just off Calle Alvaro Obregón.

DRUG STORES  (Farmacias)

Farmacia Arias Súper Farmacia Arias
Calle López Mateos No.66  (C.P. 48930)
Propietaria: Mirna Shindy Arias Lara
Tel: (315).355.7224
Located in San Patricio one block north of the Jardín.


Calle López Mateos No.48
Propietaria: Fabiola Nallely Cortes Castillon
Tel: (315).355.5167
Open daily 8:30am-10pm.
Descuentos exelentes en Medicina.
Located on the south side of the San Patricio plaza.


Farmacia Central de San Patricio Farmacia "Central de San Patricio" S.A. C.V.
Calle Lopez Mateos No.43
Tel: (315).355.5032/5466, 355.7305
Located next door to Hawaii grocery.


Photo Unavailable Farmacia "Melaque"
Calle López Mateos No.34
Dueña: Lilia Zuazo Gonzalez
Tel: (315).355.5424, (315).355.5205


FARMACIA NUEVA Farmacia "Nueva"
Avenida Gómez Farías No.27
Tel: (315).355.5592
Dueña: Yolanda Ramirez.
Located in the commercial center across from the main bus station.


Photo Unavailable Farmacia "Obregón"
Avenida Benito Juarez No.139
Propietario: Roberto Bailon Marquez
Tel: (315).355.5940
Open Monday to Saturday 8am-8pm.  24hr Emergency service.


Photo Unavailable Farmacia San José
Calle Obregón No.13-B
Open Monday to Saturday 8am-8pm. Sunday 9am-2pm.
Tel: (315).107.3564


FARMACIS SAN MIGUEL Farmacia "San Miguel"
Calle Alvaro Obregón No.?
Tel: (315).355
Located in Villa Obregón at the corner of Ave. Emiliano Zapáta.
(Just North of Tacos Scooby)


Farmacias Similares Farmacias Similares
Avenida Benito Juarez No.35
Open Mon.-Sat. 9am-11pm, Sun. 9am-3pm & 6pm-11pm.
Located across from Tacos Surf.


CHELEYS GROCERY Abarrotes Camoa  (Cheley's Frutas y Verduras)
Avenida Benito Juarez No.103
Propietarios: Jose Lopez (Chelis, Adiana y fam.)
Tel: (315).355.8196
Open 8:00am - 8:00pm Monday to Saturday.
Photos: Inside  Outside


Photo Unavailable Abarrotera Costa Alegre
Calle Venustiano Carranza No.56
Dry goods, Vegetables, Cold meats, liquor, cleaning supplies. 
Tel: (315).355.5545, (315).355.5156
Located up the street from Melaque bus stations.


ABARROTES EL PIRATA Frutas y Verduras "El Pirata"
Calle Hildalgo No.32
Good selection of fruit and vegetables. Home delivery service.
Dueño: Librado López
Tel: (315).355.5920, (315).355.5915
Located 1/2 block from the fondas on Ramon Corona.
Night Photo


FRUTERIAS "HAWAII" Super Fruteria Hawaii, S.A. C.V.
Calle Lopez Mateos No.45
Dueño: Enrique Alejandro Corona Corona
Tel: (315).355.5989
Fruits, Vegetables, Meats & Dairy, and more.
Located beside Farmacia Central, kitty-corner to the park.


Almacenes Parisany S.A. DE C.V. Almacenes Parisany S.A. DE C.V.                     (Since 2011) 
New Location February/2018
Avenida Morelos S/Numero
Dueña: Ma. Graciela Palomera Garcia
Tel: (315).355.5387  Cel: (315).104.1215
Open Monday-Saturday 8am-10pm, Sundays 8am-5pm.
Located at the corner of Calle Venustiano Carranza.


Photo Unavailable

Carniceria Y Polleria "La Vaquita Feliz" (The Happy Cow)
Calle Hidalgo No.109
Fine cuts of beef, chicken and pork.
Dueños: Raul Delgádo y Luz Ma. Oregón.
Tel: (315).355.7723
Moved from Avenida Benito Juarez No.70


Photo Unavailable Merkofertas Jessica del Rosario Palomera Garcia
Calle López Mateos No.57
Tel: (315).355.6695


CARNICERIA Y POLLERIA "EL TUNCO" Carniceria Y Polleria "El Tunco"
Avenida Benito Juarez No.61
Dueño: Leonel Oregon Cortez
Encargado: Raul Aguilar
Tel: (315).355.5683 Cel: 01.314.357.1001
Open all year, 7am - 3pm daily.
Located in Villa Obregón.  Family business for 20+ years.


MiniSuper Puerto Vallarta MiniSuper Puerto Vallarta
Avenida Gómez Farías No.5
Propietario: Ezequil Chavez.
Tel: (315).355.5683
ocated near the West end of Farías at Calle Vallarta.


MiniSuper Las Puertas Del Sol - Villa Obregon, Jalisco, Mexico MiniSuper Las Puertas Del Sol
Avenida Benito Juarez No.21
Groceries, beers & Liquors.
Propietaria: Leonor
Tel: (315).355.5443
ocated across from the Villa Obregón Jardín & Taxi Stand.


FRUTAS Y VERDURAS "BERRY KING" Frutas Y Verduras "Berry King"  **CLOSED**
Avenida Benito Juarez No.45
Propietaria: Margarita Hernandez
Located on the south side of Taco row.


Fruteria Gallardo (Villa Obregón) Fruteria Gallardo
Calle Alvaro Obregón No.?
Located at the Corner of Calle Alberto Macias.


Photo Unavailable Abarrotes "La Güera"
Avenida Morelos No.2
Propietaria: Guadalupe Nuñca Reyas
Tel: (315).355.5676
Bevidas, botanas y aborrotes.
Open daily 8:00am till 11:00pm.


Photo Unavailable Polleria Los Gueros 2  (Opened July 2015)
Avenida Abel Salgado No.52
Tel: (315).108.1866, (315).109.6461


Photo Unavailable Pollos y Carne Asados al Carbón Kaliman
Avenida Benito Juárez, at the corner of Calle Clemente Orozco.
Tel: (315).355.9206
Located across from Billar San Patricio (pool hall).


Super Market La Playa - Melaque La Playa Super Market                                      (New 2016)
Avenida Venustiano Carranza No.33
Abarrotes, frutas y verduras, cremeria y carniceria, tecate beer.
Tel: (315).355.8763
Located at the corner of Avenida Morelos 2 blocks North of bus stations.


OXXO CORNER STORE - San Patrico Melaque OXXO
Calle López Mateos No.?
Located near the beach end of López Mateos.
View down Gómez Farías.


There are food stalls and tiendas for locally grown meat and vegetables and fresh caught fish on Ramon Corona where it narrows for the markets.  Fish  Chicken  Squash


Óptica B.E.K.
Avenida Emiliano Zapata No.105
Optometrista: María Yolanda Reynoso Jiménez

Tel: (315).355.6265  Cel: (315).109.0486, (315).104.7514
Especialistas en Hipermetropia, Astigmatismo y Miopia.
Free eye exam (done with lenses).

Located at the corner of Calle Reforma in Villa Obregón.


Optica Nueva York - Melaque, Jal., Mexico Optica Nueva York
Avenida Gómez Farías No.200-9 (Colonia Centro)
Optometrista: Alfonso Hernández López
Cel: (315).100.7361
Eyeglass services in downtown Melaque.
Free eye exam (done with lenses).

Located in the Pasaje Comercial beside Hotel Vista Hermosa.


Avenida Emiliano Zapata No.1-B
Optometrista: Dra. Ana Catalina Padilla Cortés.
Tel: (315).100.2547 
English spoken.  Free eye exams.
Open Monday-Friday 10am-2pm & 4pm-7pm. Sat 10am-2pm.
Located at the corner of Alvaro Obregón.


FISH CO-OP MELAQUE Soc. Coop. de Prod. Pesq. Rivera
Wide selection of daily caught fresh fish (in season)
Located on Avenida Eucalipto in Melaque West.


There are public telephones by the bus station, and Ladatels on Farías and Mateos.  Melaque's "Telégrafo" (for money orders & Faxes) is near the police station on Calle López Mateos (north of the Jardín).



Sol Y Luna Cacetas  (old Yimmis)
Avenida Gómez
Farías No.34
Servicio Larga Distancia y Fax (Nacional e Internacional)
Two private phone booths and Fax machine.

Tel: (315).355.6310  Fax: (315).355.5452
Dueños: Don Jorge ó Yimma Medina
Open Monday to Saturday 8:30am-9pm, Sunday 8:30am-noon.
Located next door to the bus station, 1/2 block to the playa.


THE ONLY TOURS  The Only Tours Costalegre    (Since 1997)
Calle Privada Las Cabañas Lote 26.
Propietarios: Ray & Eva Calhoun
  Tel/Fax: (315).355.6777
E-Mail  raystoursmelaque @
Quad Tours & Van tours to Manzanillo & Colima
Snorkeling Tours, Bird Watching, Hot Springs, Custom Tours.
Located in San Patricio off Calle Orozco, 1/2 bk South of Gomez Farias.


 EXPERIENCE MEX-ECO TOURS Experience Mex-ECO Tours    (Since 2005)
Avenida Gómez Farías No.59-2
Scheduled day, overnight & multi-day tours to
select Méxican destinations.
Propietario: Daniel Patman  
Tel: (315).355 7027
Open daily 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm.
Private tours may also be arranged.
Pacific Adventure Tours - San Patrico Melaque Pacific Adventures    (Since 2015)
Avenida Gómez Farías No.59-5
Rentals, Classes and Tours.
Propietario: Daniel Kosonoy
Tel: (315).355.5298 Cel: (315).100.4999
Open daily 9am-2pm and 4pm-7pm.
Located beside Posada Las Gaviotas 1/2 block from the Oxo.


Photo Unavailable Centro Holistico de Masaje  (Holistic Massage Center)
Avenida Gómez Farías No.15C
Propietaria: Carmen Gutiérrez
Tel: (315).355.6756  Cel: (315).100.4918


Elegancia Lupillo Elegancia Lupillo
Estética y Sala de Masajas

Avenida Emiliano Zapata No.99
Tel: (315).110.0920
Estilista y Terapeuta: Guadalupe Montaño Cabrera
in Villa Obregón toward the Plaza de Toros.


Roxas Massage Centre Roxas Massage Centre
Avenida Vicente Guerrero No.6
Propietaria: Maria del Rosario Hernandez
Cel: 044/045 (315).100.9887
Appointments taken by phone or reserve in person.
Located in Villa Obregón, one block from Ava's restaurant.


Sándalo Massage Terapeutico Sándalo Massage Terapeutico
Calle Alvaro Obregón (no number)
Massage, manicures & pedicures.
Propietaria: Ma. Del Carmen Ríos Morales.
Appointments: Cel: (315).108.6828
Open daily 10:00am til 5:00pm.
Located in Villa Obregón across from Antigo Bar Social.


Photo Unavailable Sea Massage (Makeover & Massage)
Avenida Gómez Farías No.58
Cel: (315).105.2608


Photo Unavailable El Granero Farmacia Veterinaria
Avenida Morelos No.82
Propietario: Dr. Beto Vigil (Adalberto Vigil Abundis)
Tel: (315).355.6782  Cel: (314).119.5405
Located 2 blocks from Jardín San Patricio.


VETERINARIA "RAMIREZ" Veterinaria "Ramirez"  Clinical Hospital
Calle Alvaro Obregon No.34
Propietarios: M.V. Luis Humberto Ramirez Zuñiga y Esposa.
Tel: (315).355.5189/5198, 357.7032


Photo Unavailable Vasa Car Rentals
Gómez Farías No.36-D
Agent: Pedro  Tel: (315).355.8981
Located in San Patricio across from MexEco tours.


RM Security Services
Avenida Vicente Guerrero No.6-A
Security Services, Alarms, Cameras, Electric Fences.
Propietario: Juan Manuel Ramos
Tel: (315).355.7090  Cel: 315.104.3224
Open Mon-Sat: 9am-2:00pm and 4:00-7:00pm.
Located one block from restaurant AVA.

LOCKSMITH  355.6594

Cerrajería El Cabrera - San Patricio Cerrajería El Cabrera
Calle Clemente Orozco No.166
Propietario: Leon Cabrera Dias
Tel: (315).355.6594
Edgar Ivan "El Cabrera"
Cel: (315).109.7645, (315).100.7580
Keys made.  Located in San Patricio.



Cerrajería Oscarin Cerrajería Oscarin
Calle Lopez Mateos (sin nombre)
Cel: (315).107.7356
Located on the street beside the San Patricio Jardín.