(In the Costalegre)

Fish Pez Vela

Fishing is great year round in the Costalegre.  Local and International Fishing Tournaments and derbies attract big game fishers from all over the world.  Many locals and visitors enjoy fishing right off the beach.  There is a wide selection of charter fishing boats to choose from, and most are located on Avenida Veracruz along the Barra lagoon.

(Barra de Navidad)

La Caporala
Avenida Lopez de Legazpi No.64-A
Cel: (315).110.1539

Flick's & Fish
Avenida Veracruz No.17
Cel: (315).100.2765, 315.114.5330
Located across from Restaurant El Manglito's.

Farmacia Zurich
Miguel Lopez de Legazpi No.154
Tel: (315).355.6543, Open daily 9am-2pm.
Located across from OXXO by the church.

(San Patricio Melaque)

La Gota de Miel
Lopez Mateos No.5
Cel: (315).115.0115

Located in Melaque just up from Ave. Gomez Farias.

Pesca Pro
Lopez Mateos No.23
Blake: (315).109.7433  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Open Monday to Saturday 9am-2pm & 4pm-8pm.

Pesca Y Mas
Avenida Gomez Farias No.58-A
Roberto: (315).114.5965
Open Mon-Fri 9:30am-2pm, 4pm-7:30pm. Sat 9am-2pm.
Located in San Patricio across from Mex-Eco Tours.

(Barra de Navidad)

Sociedad Cooperativa de Servicios Turisticos
Miguel Lopez Delegaspi, S.C.L.  Avenida Veracruz No.4

Lancha Clipperton
Av. Veraceruz No.40,  Tel:(315).107.7909
Capitan: Edgar G. Ramos Becerra "Konan"
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lancha Alondra  Calle Sonora No.15  Skipper: Romulo Oregon
Tel: (315).355.5952  Cel: 044(5).315.104.0108

Barra Fishing Charters  Lancha: Meri Alegre
Tel: (315).355.6498  Skipper: Luis Canela (Cinnamon)

Barra Fishing Charters (2)  Lancha: Vikingo
Skipper: Heriberto Baltazar  Cel: (314).338.8228

Fishing Costalegre  Lancha: CastMaster
Skipper: Luis Vargas  Cel: (315).106.8499

Lancha Danza del Sol  Skipper: Antonio Aguirre G.
Tel: (315).355.6538  Cel: (315).357.5825

Lancha Irma 1  Nueva España No.334
Skipper: Enrique Figuero (El Picocho)  Tel: (315).355.5706

Lancha Dosaira  Skipper: Valentin Villegas Monay
Cel: (01 314).337.9108

Hakuna Matata Sport fishing  (Melaque)
Calle Alvaro Obregón No.155
Gerardo (Jerry) Kosonoy. Skipper: Gerardo Corona
Tel: (315).355.5739  Cel: 044.(315).354.2251
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lanchas Ketsy & Yaraset  Avenida Veracruz No.40
Skipper: Carlos de Dios Bobadilla
Tel (casa): (314).337.9099  Cel: 044(5).315.104.0506

La Caporala Tours
Avenida Veracruz No.7
Fishing, boat excursions & snorkel tours.
Skipper: Irving Agustín López Corona
Cel: 315.110.1539, 315.100.8018
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lancha Lety  Skipper: Jaime Ramos Gallardo
Tel: (315).355.8076, Cel: (315).107.9998

Locos Del Mar Sport fishing  Tel: (315).355.6886
Lanchas: Jamaica Day & Rosa y Adira

Manglito 2 Sport Fishing & Adventures
Jorge Montes (315).355.8128, (315).125.8964

Yacht Maria Elvira  Tel: (315).355.5668
Propietario: Roscoe Scott  Skipper: Colo

Lanchas Martha & Agua Azul  Avenida Veracruz No.40
Skipper: Irving Agustin López Corona
Tel: (315).355.8530  Cels: (315).108.0196 y (315).100.0663

Mary Chuy Yates de Renta  Avenida Veracruz No.85
Skippers: Rogelio & Rafael Flores
Cel: (315).109.9124, (314).106.5465, (314).106.5964
Tel: (315).355.5416, (315).355.8093

Lancha Mister Marlin  Skipper: Luis Camoron 
Cel: 044(5).315.109.5833

Lancha Wahoo  Skipper: Herman Ramos Vazquez
Tel: (314).337.9111 Cel:(315).108.4441

Lancha Verano  Calle Jalisco No.54
Skipper: Gerardo Rolón Avalos "Cocol"
Tel: (315).355.5363  Cel: (0445).315.354.3105

Zpesca Fishing Charters  Skiper: Leopoldo Castillo J.
Tel: (315).355.6464, Cel: 045.(315).100.8505


Alex: Boat Triton
Alfredo Días: Av. Veracruz No.3
(315).108.9079, (314).337.9105
Capitan Mil Amores: (315).108.9079, (314).337.9105

Alfredo Sanchez: (315).355.6049. Boat Molina
Alvaro Baltasar: (315).102.8103, (315).100.1288
Berna: 315.104.2014
Juan Antonio (Jony) (315).109.9243

Juan Lopes: Boat La Tapatia (315).108.0196
Juan Rances Ramos Torres: (314).104.2020, (314).135.2259
Erlet: 315.107.7699
Irwin: 315.110.1539
Luis Enrique Ramirez Becerra (315).112.8296
SeaBreeze Charters Mariano (315).100.5752  Pedro (314).107.8837
Rojelio: 315.100.3347
Romilo: 315.103.4621A
Lancha Karla Gabriela y Pirata, Av. Veracruz No. 40

Capitanía de Puerto (Port Captain)  Calle San Pedro No.64
Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes.  (315).355.5779 
All foreign Yachts (Cruisers) may need to check into México here.

International Game Fish Association  Web Site

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