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Costalegre Beach Map

Welcome to Costalegre's beautiful beaches! Many of these beaches and bays are accessed from dirt or cobblestone roads off of Mex 200 highway.  Some are inaccessible because luxury resorts have gates with security guards.  Permission may be obtained by phoning ahead.  Some beaches are only accessible by water.

Beach Accesses are identified by Kilometer Markers on Mex 200 costal highway listed North to South from Barra de Navidad.  Bracketed km are distances from the highway to the beach. Note:All Beaches in Mexico are public property, and are open to everyone to the high tide mark.

88     Playa Chalacatepec
Playa Las Alamandas

83     Playa Quémaro - near Rio San Nicolas
79.5  Playa Mezcales
         Bahía de Chamela
76     Playa Pérula
         Playa Dorado
76     Playa La Fortuna (3 km)
72     Playa Chamela (1 km)
         Playas Las Rosadas
         Playa La Rumorosa
         Play La Esmeralda
         Playa Felicillas
64     Playa El Negrito
         Playa El Paraiso
         Playa Las Truchas
53.5  Costa de Careyes
         Bahía de Careyitos
52     Playa Blanca
         Playa Rosa
         Playa Careyes
49     Playa Teopa
44     Playa Cuitzmala - Rio Cuitzmala is at km 43.
36     Playa El Pirata - Rio Cuitzmala & Rio Purification.
36     Playa Las Brisas
33     Playa El Tecuán (9.6 km)
         Bahía Tenacatita (9 km)
         Playa La Boca
         Playa Moro
27.5  Playa Tenacatita
21     Playas Cuatas Los Angeles Locos
16.5  Playa Boca de Iguanas (3 km)
14     Playa La Manzanilla (2 km)
7.5    Playa Tamarindo
         Playa Majahua - ocean access only
         Playa Dorada - ocean access only
         Playa El Palmito - ocean access only
         Bahía Calichosa
         Playa Ranchito
         Playa Cuastecomates (4 km)
         Bahía de Navidad
         Playa Melaque - at Melaque
         Play Mayorca - at San Patricio
         Playa del Paraiso - at Villa Obregon
         Playa del Sol - between Villa Obregon and Barra
         Playa Principal - at Barra de Navidad
         Playa Laguna - on the inside of sand bar at Barra
         Playa de los Cocos - South of Isla Navidad

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