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(It's Fiesta Time)

Festivals and celebrations are a part of the culture of Mexico.  Many are solemn religious celebrations, while others are national or state holidays.  Either way, Mexicans know how to put on a fiesta, and they do it with gusto, often for days.  Some celebration participants take days or weeks preparing elaborate and colorful costumes and decorations.  Costalegre has other local festivals or events that are not listed here, and not all of the following holidays are celebrated in the Costalegre.

1st.   Año Nuevo (New Year's Day) - National Holiday
6th.  Día de los Reyes (Day of the Kings or Maggi)
17th.  Día de San Antonio de Abad (feast of the blessing of the animals)
20th.-2nd. Feb.  Fiesta of the Virgin of Candlemas (parades, dances, rodeos & fireworks)

2nd.  Día de la Candalaria (The day of the Candles)
5th.  Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day) - National Holiday (1857 & 1917)
6th. - 13th.  Carnaval (changes yearly)
24th.  Día de la Bandera (Flag Day)
25th.-27th.  Carnival (Mardi Gras) - late February or early March.
28th.  Ash Wednesday (start of Lent)

19th.  Día de San José (day of St. Joseph)
21st. Día del Nacimiento de Benito Juáez  (Benito Juárez's Birthday 1806) - National Holiday
25th.-April 1st.  Semana Santa (Holy Week) - from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
2002 Palm Sunday 24th, Good Friday 29th, Easter Sunday 31st. (changes yearly)

1st. Domingo Santa (Easter Sunday)
16th.-23rd. Vacation Period

1st. Día del Trabajo (Labor Day) - National Holiday
3rd. Día de la Santa Cruz (Holy Cross Day)
5th. Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) - National Holiday (Anniversary of the battle of Puebla in 1862)
10th.  Día de las Madres (Mothers' Day) - National Holiday
15th. Feast of San Isidro

1st. Día de la Marina (Navy Day)
Corpus Christi (dates vary)
24th.  Día de San Juan Bautista (Day of St. John the Baptist) (fairs & festivals)
29th. Día de San Pedro y San Pablo - (St. Peter & St. Paul's day)

School Holidays.

15th. & 16th  Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
28th. Dia Del Abuelito (National Grandparents Day)

1st. Informe Presidencial (Presidential state of the union address in Mexico City)
14th. Charro Day (Cowboy Day) (rodeos)
15th.  El Grito
16th. Día de la Independence - (Independence Day) - National Holiday (Anniversary of the cry of Dolores, 1810)

4th.  Día de San Francisco (Day of St. Fransis)
12th.  Día de la Raza - (Day of the Race, Columbus Day) - National Holiday (union of the races)
31st.-Nov. 2nd.  Los Días de los Muertos - (Days of the dead)
Fiestas de Octubre - (October Festivals) (all month)

1st.  Día de Todos Santos (All Saints Day, All Souls' Day)
2nd. Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
20th.  Día de la Revoloción (Revolution Day) - National Holiday (Anniversary of the Revolution, 1910-1917) Also know as Revolución Mexicana.

1st.  Inauguration Day (New Government & President every 6 years)
8th.  Día de la Purísima Concepción (Day of Immaculate Conception)
1st.-12th.  Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe)
16th.  Las Posadas - (celebrating the journey of Mary & Joseph to Bethlehem)
24th.  Christmas Eve - National Holiday
25th. !Feliz Navidad! - Christmas Day
31st.  New Year's Eve

Feria Regional (regional fairs), Palenques (midway exhibits), Charreadas (rodeos)

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