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One of the best gifts parents can give their children is the opportunity to travel to another country.  All kids and young adults will be interested in learning another culture first hand.  They will learn a different geography, history and have immersion in another language, different currency, music and holidays.  They may encounter exotic birds, reptiles (like geckos or crocodiles), or a land animal (like a coatimundi), as well as an array of tropical fish.  They will remember their visit the rest of their lives!

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CIRCUS: Traveling circuses occasionally visit the Costalegre area mainly to entertain local children, but are always a fun venue for all ages. They have a few animals like camels, hippos, monkeys, midget horses etc, as well as high wire and comedy acts. Seating is arranged in the circus tent around a large center ring. Entrance tickets are purchased from a little window outside with the cheapest tickets in the bleachers around the back edge and medium priced tickets for a middle row of seats around the ring. The seats right at ringside are the most expensive. Popcorn, candy, pop and snacks are available from small concession stands. This particular circus was set up in San Patricio on Callet Alvaro Obregón and the Mex 200 highway.

WATER SLIDES: Teenagers and children will enjoy the Rancho Aorora water slide park with its 5 pools, 3 water slides, large wading pool, water sprinklers, Concession stand. Open 10:00am - 6:00pm daily - Tobogán after 12am - closed Tuesdays. Located between Barra de Navidad & the Jaluco Junction (beach side).

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