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Generally speaking any hotel with rooms priced under $400 pesos is considered a budget hotel.  Budget hotels can be very basic!

1) Never pay for a room before you see it!

2) Ask to see a few different rooms, both upstairs and down. Rooms often vary in quality, cleanness, features and size.

3) Check beds for comfort (lay on them) and smell bedding and pillows (mildew check). This is most important, as you will be spending most of your room time in bed.  Ask if they have mattress covers, as these soften the bed somewhat.

4) Ascertain room ventilation. Is there cross ventilation? Is there an overhead fan? Turn it on and see if it works. How quiet is it? You may have to have it running while trying to sleep. Same with air conditioners, even a little squeak may keep you awake.

5) Check for street traffic or other sources of noise that may keep you awake.  Courtyard facing rooms are usually quieter.  Take some ear plugs with you.

6) Bathroom: Check for presence of toilet seat and shower curtain (sometimes they are missing).  Check where the water from the shower drains to; will it overflow onto the floor?  Turn on hot water tap and see if the water is hot. Ask if there is hot water at all times. It is not unusual for some rooms to have hot water, while others don't.

7) Check for obvious unclean conditions; dirty floors, windows, etc. If you smell must and mold, then the room probably is not clean or has suffered from cleaning neglect for a long period of time.  Upstairs rooms are often fresher, because they catch more breeze.  Mold grows quickly because of warm temperatures and high humidity.

8) Check room lights for operation and note where switches and lamps are located. Is there a lamp conveniently located for reading at a table or desk or while lying in bed?

9) Security Check; Do all windows and door locks work properly? Is there quick access out in an emergency? Are the exits lighted at night?  Is there an overnight desk clerk?  Do they have lockable entrance gates?

10) Get prices on different types of rooms before you try bargaining.  Rooms often vary in size and quality.  Always barter for stays 3 days or longer, or if you think the room is not up to the price standard.  Discounts are often given for longer stays, but you have to ask.

11) Confirm that taxes and maid services are included in the quoted price. 

12) If you find out later that you don't like your room, ask if you can move to another.  Let management know when you are dissatisfied.

 • These suggestions are good for all hotels •

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