BARGAINING  (accepted & recommended)

To BARGAIN means to negotiate over the price of goods or services.

Although it's not a pre-requisite when shopping, bargaining can be fun and entertaining as well as financially rewarding.  Bargaining is an accepted shopping activity in Mexico and the Costalegre.

There are however a few polite rules to follow:
Never barter for an item unless you truly want to buy it.  Don't waste the venders time!
Always be polite & friendly while bartering.  Try to make it fun.
Keep your bartering to mainly beach vendors and street markets.  Retail stores have fixed prices.
Try not to barter below seventy-five percent of asking price.  Venders need a profit too.
A knowledge of Spanish can help you bargain more successfully.
Barter in the late afternoon for the best deals.  It's the last chance for vendors to make a sale.

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