(In the Costalegre)

There are 2 banks in San Patricio Melaque and 1 in Cihuatlán.
Barra de Navidad and La Manzanilla only have ATM kiosks.


Banamex 1024Avenida Gómez Farías s/n.
Tel: (315).355.5277,  (315).355.5352
Open Monday to Saturday 9:00am till 3:00pm. Closed Sunday and National Holidays.

Inside the foyer are 2 ATM machines with 24 hour access. Maximum withdrawal per transaction is $6,000 Pesos. Located in Melaque beside hotel Vista Hermosa.
Monday mornings are the busiest time to go.

INTERCAM Grupo Financiero

InercamBanco 1024Calle López Mateos No.8.  Tel: (315).355.6291
For Foreign Exchange and International Payments.
There is a ATM kiosk with 24 hour access.
Located in San Patricio at Av. Gómez Farías across from the Oxo store.
Toll Free Mexico: 1.800.800.3334

Interac & Credit Card

• Interac & Credit Cards give good exchange rates, but you are charged few pesos for each withdrawal.
• The disadvantage of using the ATM's is that you have no choice of the size of the bills received.  ATM's usually give out large bills, so if you asked for 5000 pesos you might get ten 500p bills.
• Never depend on the ATM's operating every day, as they sometimes run out of money or malfunction, just when you're desperate for money.  Always have a few standby pesos.
• When the ATM asks how many dollars you want to withdraw, be sure to enter peso amounts.
• Make sure your pin numbers are working on all your cards before leaving home.  Contact your bank before you leave home and tell them that you will be visiting Mexico.
• Never keep your pin numbers with your cards in your wallet!  Memorize your pin numbers!

TIP: When ATM gives your card back, snatch it out promptly or you may need to ask the bank manager for it during regular banking hours.

Travelers Checks (not often used anymore)
 • A checking or savings account has to be set up before travelers checks can be cashed.
 • You may cash travelers checks only between 9am and 12 noon. (There is a daily amount limit)
 • The exchange rates are posted on the sandwich board for Canadian and US funds.
 • First, get a ticket from the "TURN" machine when entering the bank.
 • Then, go to the side desks to have your checks validated. You will need your passport, tourist visa, drivers license and/or birth certificate for Identification.  Bank employees will give you a ticket with your check totals to take to the teller.
 • Next take a seat and watch above the tellers for your ticket "TURN" number to come up.
 • Tellers will normally give you bills 200p and larger.  You may want to ask for small bills  "Billetes Pequeño por favor".  Small stores, hotels & restaurants may not be able to change bills much larger than 200 pesos.

• Banking is easy in the Costalegre •

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