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(The Travelers Correspondence)

E-mail is an excellent way to stay in touch with friends & relatives back home when visiting Costalegre.  Many people viewing this page may already have an e-mail account with their local internet service provider.  Their e-mail address is usually formatted similar to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; However, they may not be able to use this e-mail address while traveling in Costalegre unless they have either created a roaming e-mail address (this is often difficult for the average person to do) or set themselves up with a Web based E-mail account like gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.

You have the option to sign up for a free e-mail account with an on-line mail company.  These mail companies are not really "FREE".  You "Will" have to fill out a form providing Personal, Demographic & Marketing information to them which they sell to advertising companies.  You "Will" receive spam (junk mail) in you mailbox and view nuisance "Banner Ads" when you check your mail.  You "Will" see irritating pop-up Ads which boot-up automatically in your browser.  The account will also expire if you do not use it regularly, so you could loose your chosen username, possibly forever.  People sending you mail may also receive junk mail from their advertisers.  This may not be doing your friends a favor.  They do however provide a semi-reliable service with no cash outlay.  Some people use them, mostly because they think they are getting an e-mail service for free.  One of the more popular (free?) e-mail providers is Microsoft's MSN hotmail.

Before you leave home, type up a list of all of your favorite e-mail and web site addresses, as well as user names and passwords to all the services that you have accounts with.  When in Costalegre, you can also send e-mails to yourself in order to store information in your in-box for retrieval when you return home.
A note on Internet Cafes:  Not all internet cafes are alike!  Check the connection speed and cost before you go on-line.  Usually, the more computers they have running, the slower the connection speed will be.  Some connections can be excruciatingly slow, which means you will pay more as uploads & downloads will take much longer.  Sometimes browsing the Internet is not a viable option if the wait time is excessive.  You may want to consider using Internet Cafes just for keeping in touch using e-mail.

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