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There is a strong Police and Military presence in Mexico. You often see uniformed personnel carrying big guns.  They are there for your protection, and to limit crime by a show of force.

It is very impolite to take someone's picture without first asking.  ¿Puede Tomar Photo?

Telephone numbers and operation are different than USA/Canada, but easy to learn.

Mexico uses the 24:00 Time system.  Eg: 3:00pm (12hr) is 15:00 (24hr).

Pets (animals) are not allowed to ride in the passenger area on long haul buses. 

Contrary to popular belief, English is not the universal language.  Spanish is spoken predominantly in the Costalegre.

Although much improved, Roadside Litter is a problem in the Costalegre and an eyesore to most visitors.

Tap Water should Never be consumed.  Drink only Bottled Water purchased from stores or from glass carboys at hotels.  Tap water has bacterium which could make you sick.  Commonly know as 'La Tourista' or 'Montezuma's revenge'.  Also, be sure Cocktail Drink ice was made with purified water.

Although Crime is seldom, always be conscious about your personal security.  Take Security Measures against robbery or personal attacks.

In all buildings, PB (Planta Baja) means the ground floor. The next floor up is the first floor.

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