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Businesses usually close between 2 & 4 pm each afternoon.  This is not 'Siesta Time', but time for the largest meal of the day (La Comida).

Good Maps of towns and areas are hard to come by locally.  If you want to explore bring one with you.

Street Addresses are sometimes hard to find.  Street names are on signs (usually ceramic tile) on corner buildings, not on signposts.  Many homes, stores and shops do not have address numbers, and if they do the numbers do not necessarily run consecutively.  Adresses without numbers are labled s/n which means sin/numero.

Noise is a fact of life in México and music is normally enjoyed at high volume levels.  When you add in barking dogs, crowing roosters, loud vehicle exhausts, honking horns, you sense the awareness of real México.

Busing is the primary means of transport for the average person, as cars and fuel are very expensive, and many people live at or near the poverty level.

Mexico is under Napoleonic law, which means you are Guilty until Proven Innocent.  You Will go to Jail for any serious crime or Drug offence!  As a tourist visitor, you have the same rights as a Méxican citizen amd are protected under law.

The Average Temperature in the Costalegre is 26 degrees Celsius.

DID YOU KNOW?  The word México is derived from 3 words in the Nahuatl language. ME - Metztli (moon), XE - Xietli (navel) and CO - Co (place).

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