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(Please consider these)

• Check the first world privilege at the airport. We aren't special. Humility is your best friend.

• Walking around downtown with a beer in your hand is a No No. Drink in a bar or restaurant not on the street. Apart from the poor mezcal winos, No Jalisciense does so. It's a fine & trip to the jail for them. You're stepping out of bounds. The Oxxo has signage, no drinking here. Respect it.

• Never shout or raise your voice in conversation.

• Jalisciense women cover up away from the beach.. Nobody wants to see women rocking string bikinis in town.

• At the large grocery stores the baggers are not paid. They live on tips. So leave a tip. Any coin is better than none. Imagine being 70+ without enough income to stay home retired.

• Ask your server's name. Use their name, write it down or type into your phone. "Hey you" won't cut it. They are hardworking underpaid people, We're not special because we won the birthplace lottery earning CDN or US dollars. Tip generously!

• Carry small bills and coins to make exact payment. That 500 isn't appreciated at the ice cream store.

• Learn basic Spanish. Expecting English everywhere is ridiculous. One word a day memorized, in a week that's seven, in a month 30, in a year 365.

• Never say "I don't speak Mexican" Spanish is the language. "no hablo español" is the correct phrase.

• R E S P E C T is a two way street. Walk away, don't argue vociferously.

• Do not gift money to children. Don't turn them into beggars. Buy the items for sale.

• BuenOs Dias, BuenAs Tardes, BuenAs Noches. See the difference? Memorize.

• Don't use vulgarity directed at anyone. Pendajo/asshole is a strong word that might get a machete response in the wrong curtain bar. You ain't Bruce Lee. They will beat you into senselessness if using loud profanity, even in jest.

• Finally, from Terminator 2, "No problemo" is an example of pseudo-Spanish or mock Spanish used by English speakers in North America. It should not be used when speaking Spanish. No hay problema, is the correct usage.

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