BUNGALOWS I-O  (San Patricio Melaque)

• Bungalows are listed alphabetically by name •

Mayorca 1024Bungalows Mayorca  ($$$) 3-Star
Avenida Abel Salgado Velasco No.133.
21 bungalows & 3 suites, TV, A/C, Pool, Parking, View balconies, WiFi.
Tel: 01 (315).355.5219, 01 (33) 36 17 49 40
Located beachfront in Villa Obregón at Calle Revolucion. 
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Bungalows Kaylee  ($$$)
Calle Pino Suarez s/n.  Tel: (315).355.5973
Located in San Patricio 1/2 block north of C. Gómez Farías.

Bungalows Las Arenas  ($$$) 3-Stars
Avenida Valentín Gómez Farías No.11.  Tel: (315).355.5097
Located in central Melaque, 1/2 block West of the Banamex bank.

Bungalows La Fragata  ($$$)
Avenida Zafiro No.24.  Tel: (315).355.6491
Located in East Villa Obregón, near Laguna del Tule.

Bungalows La Terraza  ($$$) 1-Star
Calle Reforma No.33.  Tel: (315).355.6472
Located in Villa Obregón, at the corner of Ave. Emiliano Zapata.

Bungalows Laguna del Tule  ($$$$) 3-Star
Calle Topacio No.231.  Tel: (315).355.7241, (315).355.5395
Located in East Villa Obregón at the end of Avenida Zafiro.

Bungalows Las Hamacas  ($$$) 3-Star
Avenida Gómez Farías No.13.  Tel: (315).355.5113
Located in central Melaque.

Bungalows Los Angeles  ($$$)
Avenida Pedro Moreno No.122.  Tel: (315).355.7349
Located in Villa Obregón at the corner of Calle Abel Salgado.

Los Arcos Bungalows Suites  ($$$) 3-Star
Avenida Gómez Farías No.2.  Tel: (315).355.5184
Located in Melaque in front of the Melaque Entrance Arch.

Bungalows Las Golondrinas  ($$$)
Calle Ignacio L. Vallarta No.1.  Tel: (315).355.5749
Located in Melaque beside Bungalows Las Brisas.

Bunglaows Marilyn ($$)
Calle Hidalgo No.14.  (315).355.5920
Located in San Patricio.

Bungalows Mar y Arena  ($$$)
Carrillo Puerto No.3.  Tel: (315).355.5095
Located in central Melaque across from La Playa Trailer Park.

Bungalows Orientales  ($$$$) 3-Star
Calle Abel Salgado Velazco No.9.  Tel: (315).355.5751
Located in Villa Obregón off Calle Alvaro Obregón.

• Prices vary by season and are subject to change •

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