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There are Palapa Restaurants along the playa for those who enjoy dining at the beach.  Many serve seafood dishes (Mariscos), but there are also a few high class restaurants available.  They are listed West to East from the (almost free) trailer park (Punta Melaque).

Restaurant El Moyo
Avenida Las Palmas s/n  Tel: (315).355.6104
Located on the West end of Playa Melaque.

Restaurant Kosonoy  (Since 1963)
Avenida Palmas (Azucena) No.99  Tel: (315).355.6281
Located in Melaque West at Calle Cedro.

Tito's Place Restaurant  (Since 2014)
Calle Las Palmas No.5.   
Tel: (315).355.6357
Located in Melaque West at Las Tesmiza old beach location.

Restaurant Cabo Blanco
Calle Las Palmas s/n  Tel: (315).355.6358
Located on the East side of Rivera fish co-op.

Restaurante La Sirenita  (Since 1985)
Calle Eucalipto No.10  Tel: (315).355.5599
Located in Melaque West at Calle Legazpi.

Restaurant La Costeñita
Calle Eucalipto No.4  Tel: (315).355.7751
Located South of Hotel Legazpi.

Restaurant Chuyitas  (Since 1950)
Calle Las Palmas s/n  Tel: (315).355.6833

Restaurant Leovy
Las Palmas No.1  Tel: (315).355.7294
Specially: Mariscos & Pescado, Micheladas & Cocos. 
Open daily 10am-7pm.
Located across from Bungs San Pedros at Calle Eucalipto.

El Dorado Restaurant
Gómez Farías No.1 (Andador Vallarta No.4)  Tel: (315).355.5766
Located in front of beachside Hotel Club Náutico.

Los Cocos Restaurant
Andador Vallarta No.3  Tel: (315).355.7567
Located between restaurants Las Hamacas and El dorado.

Restaurante Las Hamacas
Andador Vallarta No.2  Tel: (315).355.5113
Located in front of Bungalows Las Hamacas.

Restaurant Las Palmas  (Since 1973)
Andador Vallarta No.1  Cel: (315).104.5597
Located on the beach in front of Bungalows Las Golondrinas.

Papa Gallos Restaurant  (Since 2014)
Avenida Gómez Farías No.27-A  Tel: (315).355.9221
Located beside Hotel Vista Hermosa.

Terraza Cortez Restaurant  (Since 1967)
Calle Adolfo López Mateos No.1  Cel: (315).112.3424
Located on the beach at the foot of Calle Lopez.

Restaurant Bugambilias  (Since 2015)
Calle Miguel Hidalgo No.1  Cel: (315).106.9986
Located on the beach in San Patricio behind Hotel Las Gaviotas.

Albatros Restaurant  (Since 2011)
Avenida Cabañas No.36  Tel: (315).355.5753
Located in San Patricio, just past The Only Tours.

Restaurant Mar Laguna Del Tule
Calle Zafiro No.231  Tel: (315).108.1924
Located beachside inside Bungalows Laguna del Tule at Calle Topano.

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