(San Patricio Melaque)

Babalu' Cafe & Books  (Since 2012) Closed?
Calle Gordiano Guzman No.29.  Tel: (315).355.6223
Book Room with coffee and light snacks.
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm.  January: 8:30am - 2:00pm.
Located in San Patricio between C. Benito Jaurez and A. Ramon Corona.

Cuba Libro Book Exchange  (Since 2006)
Calle Primavera No.8.  Tel: (315).355.7044
Open 4-6pm Monday to Friday.
Located in Villa Obregón at the southern end of Miguel Hildalgo.

Iguanas Gym Fitness Center MLQ.
Calle Miguel Hidalgo No.41-A
Located in San Patricio across from the Jardín.

Iron King Super Gym  Cel:(315).100.9683 (New 2019)
Avenida Emiliano Zapata s/n
Located in San Patricio Commercial Plaza on Mx200 Hwy.

Olimpus Gym (Gimnacio) (Since 2011)
Avenida Morelos No.91
Open Monday to Friday 7am-10pm. Saturday 8am-5pm?
Located in San Patricio.

Gym Mixto Costa Sur
Avenida Benito Juarez No.32-C.  Tel: (315).355.5610
Open Monday to Friday 9am-2pm & 4pm-10pm.  Lady's Aerobics 7pm-10pm.
Located 2 blocks East of the park on Taco Row.

Oficina de Correos  (Postal Code 48980)
Calle Clemente Orozco No.13.  Tel: (315).355.5230. 
Open Tuesday to Friday 8am-4:30pm, Saturday 9am-1pm.
Located half a block South of Avenida Ramon Corona.

Lavandería "Angeles" Cel: (315).112.7532
Avenida Benito Juarez No.16
Located in Melaque across from Aquiles Serdan school, by the Jardín.

Lavandería "López Y López" Tel: (315).355.5312
Avenida Morelos No. 63
Propietaria: Rita Guadalupe Pérez Navarro
Gerente: Jose Cruz Tolentino Lopez
Open Monday - Saturday 9am-8pm, Sundays 9am-2pm.
Located in San Patricio.

Lavandería "Toñas"Tel: (315).355.5543
Calle Carrillo Puerto No. 20
Propietaria: Gloria Espindola Mendoza
Located in Melaque near the west end of alley market.

Lavandería Marve
Avendia I. Zapata No. 13
Open 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday.  Sunday 9am-4pm.
Located on the corner of Calle Francisco Villa in Villa Obregón.

Lavandería "Meraz" Tel: (315).355.6946
Calle Vicente Guerrero No.157

Propietarios: Manuel Meraz Romero Y Anita López Barajaz
Open 9am till 9pm daily.
Located behind Bungalows La Fragata in East Villa Obregon.

Lavandería "Francis"
Avenida Benito Juarez No.49-A
Propietarios: La Familia Garcia Martinez
Open 9am-9pm Monday to Saturday.
Located in San Patricio, between Guzman and Calle Clemente Orozco (south side).

Lavandería "Ana" Tel: (315).355.6429
Calle Reforma Esq. Avenida Benito Juarez s/n.
Open Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm.  Closed 2pm-4pm daily.

Lavandería "Costalegre"
Avenida Benito Juarez No.63
Propietaria: Guadalupe Fernandez Becerra
Open 8am-8pm Mondays to Saturday.

Tu Lavanderia
Avenida Vicente Guerrero No.6.
Express washing & drying plus coin machines.
Located in Villa Obregon.

Lavandería "Yaretzi" Tel:(315).355.6942
Avenida Morelos No.107 

Lavandería "Doña Lucha"
Avenida Ramon Corona No. 105.

 San Patricio Melaque


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