LA MANZANILLA  (The Tranquil Pueblo)

Playa La ManzanillaLa Manzanilla (pop.-3500) is a tranquil fishing village located on the  southeast end of the Bahía de Tenacatita 21 km north of Melaque.  The beautiful crescent shaped beach circles towards Boca de Iguanas 6km to the north.  Mountainous jungle and mangroves border the beach which is lined with coconut palms and tropical foliage.  A few hotels, private apartments and guest houses are available for those that chose to stay.  There are several fully equipped stores, ATM bank machine, cyber cafe, boutiques and some first class restaurants.  Local buses travel here from Barra and Melaque bus depots every 2 hours. There is a rodeo at La Manzanilla the first week of February each year.  The golden sand beach is only 2km from Mex 200 highway at mile marker fourteen.  Some people confuse La Manzanilla with Manzanillo the large city 81km to the south.  Manzanillo city is actually in the state of Colima, while La Manzanilla is in Jalisco.  There seems to be a trend to drop the "La" which you will notice on some highway signs, and many locals use 'Manzanilla del Mar'.  Manzanilla is also Spanish for Chamomile, a herb that can be make into a relaxing tea.  You will experience that same feeling while visiting here.

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