• There are a number of nice places to stay while visiting La Manzanilla •

Bungalows Ayessa ($$)
Lázaro Cárdenas No.25. Cel: (315).109.7291
5 Bungalows and 4 Rooms upstairs. A/C.
Located on the left, half block before turning to the crocodiles.

Bungalows Calypso ($$) (1-Star)
Calle Edén de la Calechona No.10. Tel: (315).351.5124 Cel: (314).116.2823
6 Rooms & 4 Bungalows A/C, TV.
Parking plus Restaurant Calypso on the playa.
Located on the right after you turn the corner.

Hotel Posada Del Cazador ($) (1-Star) Closed?
Maria Asunción No.183. Tel: (315).351.5000
3 Rooms - more being built. Public telephone booth out front.
Located near the west end of town. (on the left when entering).

Hotel Costeño ($)
Maria Asunción No.68. Tel: (315).351.5149
10 - Motel type Rooms.
Located on the left a few blocks from the church.

Hospedaje El Tope ($)
Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas No.206. Tel: (315).351.5064
3 Bungalows with Kitchens & 12 Rooms.
Located at the Tope (speed bump) on the right when entering La Manzanilla.

Hotel Gran Caimán ($$$)
Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas No.24. Tel: (315).351.5433
23 Rooms and 2 Bungalows with parking and Pool.
Located on the right 1/2 block before turning to the crocodiles.

Hotel y Bungalows Michel ($$) (Since 2005)
Maria Asunción No. 63. Tel: (315).351.5353
6 - Rooms with TV and fans + Bungalows.
Located in town centre, one block from the beach.

Hotel Puesta Del Sol ($$) (1-Star) (The Sunset Hotel)
Calle Playa Blanca No.94. Tel: (315).351.5033
16 Rooms, with 2/3 beds in each room, fans, TV.
Hotel has roof top tables and chairs.
Located at south end of town, one block to beach.

Bungalows El Costeñito ($$) Closed?
Maria Asuncion No.217. Tel: (315).351.5317
1 Bungalows and 13 Rooms, A/C, tv, 2 shared kitchens.
Located on the south side of town in front of al kinder.

Hotel Posada Tonalá ($$$) (3-Star)
Maria Asuncion No.75. Tel: (315).351.5474, (315).351.7264
14 Rooms singles doubles, upstairs patio, tv, bathroom.
Located in town center by the Y in the street.

Bungalows Rosy  Maria Asuncion s/n, (315).351.5238
Hotel Alegre Mar 1-Star, Maria Asuncion No.170-C, (315).351.5014

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