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( FMM - Forma Migratoria Múltiple)

Mexican Tourist Visa1 357This document (commonly called a Tourist Card), is the Mexican governments permission for you to enter the country and visit as a tourist. You are now able to fill out and print an FMM on-line.

This form is provided by your airline and filled out on the airplane just before you land in Mexico.  Immigration officials will stamp your visa, and enter the number of days you will be allowed to remain in Mexico. Ask them for the maximum of 180 days, as you are compelled to leave the country before the last day written on the card expires.

Make sure you have your Hotel name, Street name and number with your carry on luggage, as you need them for the Domicillio en México section.

It must be returned to Mexican Customs just before leaving Mexico.  Without it you cannot go home (at least not without problems and delays). You could miss your plane, and if you loose it, you WILL have to pay a fine for a replacement.

Tourist are limited to activities defined by the FMM category, which means they cannot work or do other activities that doesn't involve holidaying.  Political rallies are a definite No! No!  Visitors can be immediately expelled from the country if they violate their tourist status or stay longer than their Visa allows.

You may be asked for it by Mexican authorities or officials (police or military) to prove that you are legally in the country.

Your maximum stay in Mexico using an FMM is limited to 180days, with the initial period set at 30 or 90 days and can be renewed only once.  There is a fee for renewing.  For stays over 180 days you would have to apply in advance for a different kind of Visa.

Never Loose This Document  Avoid "Red Tape" by always knowing where your FMM visa is. Keep it in a safe place with your passport and air-line tickets.

Lost FMM's:  If you loose your tourist card, you need to advise Mexican Immigrations immediately to obtain an exit permit.  Don't wait until the day of your departure flight!  Be prepared to show proof of citizenship and your airline ticket.

Everyone must complete this form before entering Mexico.  (The bottom portion is given to you as your tourist card)

• This information is only provided for familiarization purposes •

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