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WHEN should I travel to the Costalegre?
• What kind of HOLIDAY should I take?
• What LEGAL DOCUMENTS do I need to carry?
• What additional MEDICAL INSURANCE do I need?
• What necessities should I TAKE?
• What cloths should be PACKED?
• What TRAVEL SAFETY precautions are advised?
• Where is there information on MEXICAN TOURISM?

Your visit to Costalegre will be greatly enhanced it you learn a little about the history, culture, and traditions of Mexico before coming.  It is recommended that you do as much research as time allows before your trip commences.  Travel guides and the Internet are great ways to enhance your knowledge.  You will encounter fewer disappointments on your holiday if you discern more about your destination.

You should decide in advance where you will go, what you will do, how you will get there and how much you plan to spend.  Your personal tastes and comfort level will dictate your decisions.  Also your level of responsibility and how much time you want to take to make your own arrangements should be considered.  It may be easer to consider a commercial packaged trip or tour.

• Advanced  planning will make the difference between a good trip and a great trip •

Costalegre    Travel 

 • Spanish is the predominate language spoken in the Costalegre


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