(Bring them with you)

Tourist Visa (required to enter and exit the country)
Passport (give a photocopy to fellow travelers and relatives at home) 
Birth Certificate (plastic-wallet size)(photocopy not valid in Mexico)
Drivers License (for picture ID, car rentals & changing money)
Marriage License (emergency proof of spousal identity)  
Travel Insurance documents
Medical Insurance documents (travel extended medical)
Vaccination Certificate (if available)
Travelers Checks (plus serial number list)(Not used often anymore)
Credit Card (plus telephone number of Credit card company)
Interac Bank Card (contact your bank to confirm card will work in Mexico)
Cash Money (take only Peso's)(Exchange rate better in Mexico) 
Transportation/Airline Tickets (always know where they are)
Trip Itineraries (provided by Travel Agent and/or Tour company)
List of all your valuables (better yet - don't take any)
Important Phone Numbers, Internet E-mail addresses & web urls
Telephone Calling Card
Personal or Business Cards (for introductions)
Postcards/photos from Home (Mexicans love children & family)
Student Identity/Youth Card
Waterproof pouch (for important papers)
Maps (to cover your itinerary)
Eyeglass Prescription (in case you break or loose you glasses), or extra set of contact lenses or eyeglasses.

TIP: Make photocopies of all important documents.  Leave a set with someone at home who you can contact by telephone and take one with you.

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