The 911 emergency phone number is officially active in the state of Jalisco.  911 has replaced the 066 emergency number, which has been phased out.  911 in Mexico operates similar to Canada/United states, and is used to dispatch Police, Fire or Ambulance services.


There are three police services available in Melaque.  There are English speaking Touist Police, Municipal Police and Federal Police.

The Tourist Police Base  (Policía Turístíca Sub-Comisaria) Avenida Primavera No.58.  Tel: (315).112-8023  *English Spoken* Located in Melaque, one block west of the Melaque Arch.

Municipal Police Station (San Patricio Melaque) Calle López Mateos No.52 (upstairs)  Tel: (315).355.5080 Located behind the Delegación Municipal (Municipal Office) on the north side of San Patricio Jardín.

The Federal Police Station - Highway Patrol.  (Policía Federal Preventiva - PFP) Tel: (315).355.6225.  They are open 24 hours. Located at the junction of Mex 80 & 200 Hwys, just North of Melaque.

(Medical Emergencies)

Tel: (315).355.2300 (Telcel 065) for a Red Cross Ambulance (Cruz Roja), which will rush you to a hospital in Cihuatlán or Manzanillo.  Ambulances can also be dispatched through the police station at (315).355.5080 (Delegation Melaque).

(Civil Protection)

The Civil Protection Paramedics Group (Protección Civil Edo.) provides Ambulance, Rescue, Firefighting and Disaster Relief Services. Tel: (315).355.6375 (Telcel: 116).  Located North of the Federal Police station at the junction of Mex 80 & 200 Hwys.

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