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Manzanillo Airport Airfield 760


Manzanillo airport, one of the most beautiful small airports in México, lies between a long secluded white sand beach and tropical groves of bananas and coconut palms. Although called the Manzanillo airport, it is almost halfway between Barra de Navidad, Jalisco (30km) and Manzanillo City, Colima (36km). There are a number of air carriers here that provide good access for International, Canadian and American visitors desiring to visit the Costalegre. The small terminal has GIFT SHOPScar rental agencies, taxis, an HSBC ATM/parking ticket machine and Boarding Lounge.


AeroMexico    AirTransat    AlaskaAir    American Airlines    Delta    WestJet


Manzanillo Airport TaxiStandThere is no local or regional bus service to or from the Manzanillo airport, so you are forced to take a taxi or rent a car. Both are expensive propositions. Most resorts have prearranged shuttle vans. Taxi vouchers must be purchased from the Taxi Booth before exiting the airport. Car rentals are cheaper if you reserve one online. You can save on taxi fares by sharing one with others from your flight. After your plane lands, ask (shout out) if anyone wants to share a Cab to some destination.  Keep in mind that most TAXIS are small compacts and carry only 4 passengers (plus driver) with minimal luggage storage. There are a few vans/suburbans, but these cost more.  If you arrive in the morning, another way to save on taxis is to take one only as far as Cihuatlán, then take a local bus to Barra or Melaque for a few Pesos. You would be able to withdraw money at a bank ATM at a better rate, or do some shopping before catching the hourly bus North.  Backpackers: If you arrived early, are physically fit and have a lightweight pack, you can walk or hitch the 5km to Mex 200 where you can wait for a regional bus to any Jalisco destination. Most regional second-class buses with empty seats will pick you up for a modest cost, and drop you off at Melaque or Barra de Navidad or other places to the North.

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